Zwift TDZ issues and communication

Hi Zwift,
What a great platform, really enjoying the game and think its amazing. My opinion has changed a little since TDZ though, but again a great idea and so good to see it well attended.

But, I see occasional individual responses on the forum, but not much in the way of proactive communication about the very frustrating issues faced by many with incorrect routing on the stages and general poor experiences during the TDZ stages.

I know each persons set up is individual, but could you provide generic feedback to allow people to minimise frustrations by doing certain setup tasks, that might help get people a smooth and great experience?

If you have highlighted the issues - is there something proactive you can communicate?


Setup issues are one thing. However, incorrect routing issues are another completely out of the control of us users/customers. That is a bug and 100% on Zwift to squash/fix.

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Personally I have not had any issues (so far) but have seen some riders that have been routed off the wrong way (which I imagine must be really frustrating, especially the further in the ride you get) …
All I can say is that to minimise the risk of any issues, what I do is:

  • Ensure a strong internet connection

  • Connect companion app

  • Join the event early (which gives you the chance to check that the route distance shown is the same as what is listed in the event)

Hope that helps anyone that has had issues…


None of these address incorrect in ride routing. Zwift have admitted it’s a bug on their side and they are working on it.