Zwift takes steering input before change of direction dialog is visible

I generally ride Routes which I preselect before starting, so I’m not aiming to go off that route - I have an issue where if I’m already steering (Sterzo Smart) and the change of direction dialog pops up, it has already changed direction before I see the dialog so I’m unable to know if I’m about to steer off route.

Say I’m steering right round a corner (to take the inside line) and the steering dialog pops up with the next right turn selected, I’m unable to determine if the route would have naturally gone right, or if the dialog took my prior input as an indication I wish to turn right. Then the turn occurs, and my route progress vanishes from the display - it was the wrong direction, I should have gone left. I had no way of knowing.

You need to add a delay to input detection and absolutely do not take pre-existing inputs as choices.

Preferably you could also add an indicator to the steering dialog which identifies the direction related to the chosen route.

Or add direction lines to the route at each intersection to know the proper way.