Zwift takes me off timed courses

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Thanks. Hopefully you all have put the feature request in. This is way too hard and time consuming. Thanks.

Joe Graviss

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I believe there is a feature request for having a timer on every route/course, I think that I should what you are looking for.

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You do realize that this is just a general discussion forum open to the public and that the majority of the people here don’t work for Zwift, right?

You keep saying you choose ‘just ride’ - as if that’s a thing you can do without also selecting a route. But this isn’t possible!

Your ‘Ride Type’ is “Just Ride” (as opposed to “Workout”) - highlighted in yellow. But there is always a route, too - circled in red. If you don’t choose a new route before you click the ‘RIDE’ button? You will (assuming you consistently use the same device) always ride the same route in a given world. The only exception is if your route choice is ‘surprise me!’ in every world - but, then, you can hardly get upset when random turns are made… because that’s the whole point of ‘surprise me!’.

Your ‘problem’ with timed routes would essentially disappear if you’d just take a few minutes to learn what routes are actually timed and then devote 2 seconds pre-ride to choosing one of them. It’s certainly a quicker fix than waiting for feature requests, and it works just fine.


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Thanks Joe. I had no clue about the forum, volunteers, who works where. I’m not that tech smart or Zwift savvy.

Your screenshots and highlights show a high degree of insight (and skill) into what I’m talking about, and I appreciate that.

The screen you show is what I see when I turn on Zwift to get a ride in. My ride type is no workout, just ride I guess by default because I rarely change that. And then I click ride and off I go.

I agree with the surprise me randomness and like that.

I just wish that if that randomness puts me in a timed course and a timer shows up in my screen, that it would keep me there until that timed course is over versus randomly turning me out of it and the timer goes away. Having me have to
do something is not for me. I’m lucky to have time to ride much less learn about the program.

I’d like Zwift to make it so if you’re just riding randomly with no workout selected, if you end up on a timed course, THEN you have to do something to get OFF that timed course.

Thanks so much and if somebody can put this in as a feature request, I’d appreciate it.

Joe Graviss

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But the timed course/routes have the same starting points as non timed course/routes.

I think you should submit a Feature Request for have a timer for all courses/routes and that should resolve your issue if Zwift ever implements it.

Moving this thread to Feature Request is not ideal based on the content and title.

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Then it will NEVER be random because all routes go past the start line and it will always take you on the time section.
You don’t have to be Zwift savvy just read the links on Courses that I posted above you will see where the routes go and that they all cross the finish line. (ok there are a very small amount that does not pass the start).

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Thanks Paul. I don’t know nor have time to dive into feature requests right now. Hopefully some kind soul will do it. Thanks!

Joe Graviss

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Joe Graviss