Zwift System Requirements

Will Zwift run ok on this laptop:

CHUWI HeroBook 14.1 inch Windows 10 Intel Atom X5-E8000 Quad Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Notebook,Thin and Lightweight Notebook (Herobook)

Nope, if you are looking for an inexpensive why to Zwift AppleTV could be the answer.

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Why not?

It does not have enough graphics power to run Zwift, it has the bare minimum of RAM and I’m not sure that processor would powerful enough.

If this is just for running Zwift and AppleTV is a less expensive option for running Zwift…

The CPU is too slow. we recommend a Dual Core with 2GHz on the low end, cause Zwift is optimized for single and dual threaded workloads. So while your quad-core with 1GHz on each core has the same total speed, the way processors work means that you would be running too slow due to Per Core Speed. Games are typically optimized for the fewest possible cores, due to those processors often being the cheapend of processors, and raising core count while dropping per core speed will negatively impact the experience. Feel free to review our minimum specs here.

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