Zwift Support

(Michael Grey) #1

I posted this in reply to someone elses post but thought it would be good to start a new thread as this is concern about Zwift Support. I am very close now to just giving up on Zwift and finding an alternative for my indoor training. Shame because I met a lot of nice people on the WSR rides.

Perhaps Mr Min needs to direct a little more resource into his support system because this is ridiculous.

My reply to someone experiencing a similar support problem to my own:

I have the same problem - no response from Zwift other than “we are experiencing high volume”, please be patient. The first support ticket came back with a message indicated that the support request hadn’t even been read properly. The second ticket came back saying it would now go to technician - a week later. We are now two weeks later and I have been very patient - but still paying for a service that I am not receiving.

Zwift worked for me for months - then I started getting dropouts even though I haven’t changed anything in my setup.

All I have asked is for a technician to look at my log files and point me in the direction of the problem.

This is shocking lack of customer support.

(Eric Min) #2

Hi Michael,

I’m sorry to hear this. Can you forward me your ticket number?


(Carl Nolan) #3

Hi Eric - This is not just an isolated incident. I have had 5 Support request open for several weeks. All I have gotten over the past two weeks is the same stock response “sorry high volumes”. In the last 2 months I have only managed to close a single case and that was because I changed my monitor configuration.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Hi Michael,

Looks like it got lost in the shuffle. Apologies for that and I’ll get right on it. 

Same thing as well, Carl, though three of your tickets are with QA under testing and further development (with another one actively getting fixed). As stated, I will definitely let you know when that particular issue with the Workout Editor is resolved.

Thanks and, of course, my sincerest of apologies again.


(Michael Grey) #5

Thank you Eric C. for looking into this and sending a detail reply - I will try your suggestions on Monday as soon as I am back in town. I think it just might be the Garmin issue you suggested. I thought they were off - but will uninstall just to be certain.

Thank you also Eric M. - I really do appreciate that you took the time to respond.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Thanks, Michael! Please let me know how it goes right away!

(Carl Nolan) #7

Hi Eric -

Can anyone provide any information regarding the support situation. All I have gotten over the past several weeks is a stock response and no further information. I understand you are busy but these continuing stock responses are getting rather frustrating.

For some of the cases just providing some information (is it a known issue, are folks working on it, is there an ETA for a resolution, is it an isolated case, etc.) is better than continued silence.

(Carl Nolan) #8

Hi Eric -

As an example I raised an issue on Feb 3rd; number 23399. It then took until Feb 7th to receive a stock reply. Since this date I have posted up sample Logs and FIT files demonstrating the issue and as of yet have not received a single acknowledgement. 3 weeks and nothing but a stock reply is shockingly bad and not something you should ever expect from a paid service. Unfortunately this is not the only one.

(Eric Min) #9

Let me look into this… and I will come back to you. 

(Michael Grey) #10

Hi Eric M. - thanks for looking into this. I had a great initial response from Eric C. - he was super. But I’ve not had a response to my last reply which is now 6 days ago. Initial great support after you got involved but then the ball was dropped again.

That said - I may now have found the problem and will do further testing today to determine if this indeed correct.

(Eric Min) #11

Michael – can you give me your ticket number? 

(Michael Grey) #12

Hi Eric - same one you helped with before (#22760). I get the feeling you are stepping in with a lot of these. :wink:

Thanks for the quick response - I do appreciate it. Eric C. has been super too.

(Eric Min) #13

Thanks Michael. 

The team is currently buried with questions and issues raised by users. The questions are wide ranging and venture into areas well beyond Zwift the application…  

We are also adding more resources to the support effort and this is getting my full attention. 

(Carl Nolan) #14

Hi Eric -  Thanks or looking into this. I understand folks are getting a little swamped with the increase in traffic and am hopefully being patient with some of these issues. Sometimes tough a little information goes a long way.

BYW a great product and looking forward to see how it evolves over the coming years.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #15

A little is putting it very lightly. But if we can continue on our current course of going through our backlog as quickly as possible, then all will be well soon.

We thank *everyone* for their patience.

(Michael Grey) #16

Eric M. - I completely agree with Carl - great product that I am very happy with. You’ve done a fantastic job with this and I’ve been a very happy Zwifter for nearly six months now. My frustration came because the product is so good that I very much missed using it for such a long time after the problems arose.

Eric C. I think I might now know have narrowed down the problem. I’ve had two sessions today and yesterday without any dropouts.

(Eric Min) #17

Thanks for your post Michael. We’re working as fast as we can to get through the backlog of tickets. We’ve made some changes and added more resources on our end which should help ease the pressure and get troubled users on Zwift as quickly as we can.