Zwift speed test, reloaded

I’d be glad to reproduce for my size and FTP (240w @ 63kg @165 cm) a few of the speed tests available from Zwift Insider. That’s because I’m curious about the interactions between a small one rider and the equipment.

I quickly succeeded in providing, via an ANT proxy, the needed watts, and rpm, to the app, namely Zwift for Windows.

Now I really should set up start and end points for the workout, as I suppose I need a workout here to avoid drafting.

I set up a free ride custom workout on the Volcano Climb based on a GPS trace I downloaded. The route doesn’t start at the arc but anyway terminates at the arc, so maybe this is not an issue.

But looks like whatever you do a Swift workout is time-based and NOT distance based, and that’s inefficient for measuring the performance.

Any hint?