Zwift speed sesnor lag when stopped?

I’m using Zwift with a dumb trainer and a Garmin speed sensor 2 connected via bluetooth to my laptop. I find that latency while Im riding is fine, but if I drop down to 0w and then immidiately ramp up to like 400w from a decent to a climb, the game takes approximately 16s (according to my zPower data) to actually register the power. Happened twice in my race this more, coasting on the decent and hit the climb hard and no power registered for 10s and got dropped. Definitely the reason I got dropped haha.

Is this like a problem with zwift or just my speed sensor going to sleep, i dont coast for very long, only sometimes happens from a standing start

Have a look at this thread (from Trainerroad regarding a Wahoo sensor, but the issue is the same) to see if you get any ideas.