Zwift Speed Goes To Zero At Times

I am new, and using Zwift with a Wahoo KickR Snap. Unfortunately, the speed is very inaccurate, and is all over the board. I have a bike computer, and the speed is quite accurate. Normally I wouldn’t care, but now I am noticing times where Zwift thinks the speed is zero, which stops the ride. That’s a problem. Any advice? Thanks in advance. I didn’t see a better category, and apologize if I missed it. Thank you.

Please read this: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

Also more info would be helpful.


As Paul said, more information would be useful.

With a wheel-on trainer like the Snap, it’s very important to closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up the trainer, including tyre pressure and the tension of the roller against the tyre. And then to calibrate the trainer using the Wahoo app (not Zwift).

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could be wireless connection dropout.

you want to buy an extension lead and place watever ur using to detect ur trainer as close as possible to the trainer (ideally <0.5m)

(onboard bike computers are not designed to calculate zwift speed and will be wildly inaccurate)