Zwift so Slow?

(Alan Bianco) #1

I have a classic trainer connected to zwift with WAHOO SPEED AND CADENCE SENSOR…The signal its okey but…i cant ride fast, even if i do my best, my character is SO SLOW, more than a tortoise…please help me! why? i checked my tire size and its ok…

(Paul Allen) #2

Too little info.

what do you mean by slow?

how many watts were being displayed?

Zwift takes the rear wheel speed of your bike, the power curve of your trainer, your weight, in game drafting, in game bike, and elevation changes and estimates your in game speed.

(Alan Bianco) #3

Its a classic trainer, how do i know the power curve of my trainer?

I dont know how many watts exactly but if i do my best try, my character is so slow anyway

(Alan Bianco) #4

I tried again and 80+ Wats and +100 cadence but my speed in game is like 6-7km per hour…A mean, more slow than walk…

Help please!

(Paul Allen) #5

Were you going up hill?

How long did you ride?

You are only give a small bit of info.

Lets try this. What was your W/KG and your speed?

80 watts on the flats will put you at about 16-17 mph.

(Alan Bianco) #6

I ride like 4 minutes…Not hill, just normal ride, without high %

what is W/KG?

Im with the trial account, could be that?

Sorry for my bad english!

(Paul Allen) #7

Watts per kilogram it will be under your name on the left hand side, I will also need your speed at that time an if you are on a flat, ascending or descending ( try to do it on a long flat road).

Trial account has nothing to do with speed.

(Alan Bianco) #8

106W; 107RPM and just 13 kph!


(Paul Allen) #9

Maybe, it doesn’t show if you are on a flat, ascent or descent, but I think that part of London is a smal ascent so your speed could be correct. 

You need to go on a longer ride so we can see a larger data set.

(Nigel Doyle) #10

That looks like a small hill to me. If so your speed doing 106 watts looks about right.

Possibly your calibration is off. Hard to know. 106 watts is very low power. How hard are you pedalling at 106watts? It should be an easy light resistance. 107 cadence is fairly high. Try riding at 90 and in a harder gear. You should find you output a lot more power.

(Alan Bianco) #11

I think i know what happens now…

Even if do my best, like 80-90% of my FC, my watts are 100 - 115, no more…And of course when i do that, my pedals are very strongers

So? im using Wahoo Blue SC and i think its okey…


(Nigel Doyle) #12

At 100 watts you aren’t going to go very fast. 100 watts is light resistance on the pedals. If it’s hard then likely your calibration is off. That said, if you’re only 40 - 50kg in body weight, 100 watts for you will feel harder than it is for someone weighing more.

(Alan Bianco) #13

I know 100 watts is not enough to go fast…but my pedal are hard with that watts…a mean, I make a big effort to get there

(Nigel Doyle) #14

If it’s hard then your calibration / setup could be wrong. What’s your trainer? Are you pumping your tyre up to about 110psi before every ride on Zwift?

(Alan Bianco) #15

I have a classic trainer…what is psi? dont understand sorry

(Nigel Doyle) #16

Yeah but what brand and model classic trainer. For example my old classic trainer is a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer. I therefore need to select that from the classic trainer list.

psi - Google it.

(Alan Bianco) #17

Not listed trainer, i select “other trainers”

(Nigel Doyle) #18

Okay so if it’s not listed then you’re stuck with the way things are. Zwift is applying a very conservative power profile to your unsupported trainer.

You will need to upgrade your trainer to a supported classic trainer or better still, a smart trainer.

Maker sure your back tyre is pumped up hard before each ride on Zwift. I do 120psi with my Fluid 2 if I’m using that instead of my smart trainer.

(Daniel Gui) #19

Hello. Sorry. I know this was a old post 4 years now. But I am just starting with them setup you have I am with the same problem. I doesnt care how fast and hard I am pedaling very slow. Dis you find the issue?

(Paul Allen) #20


Much More info on your setup is need as well as the data being displayed on the screen.