Zwift slow and constanlty freezing during ride

(Dawn Stakounis) #1

I rode the Hilly Route today but Zwift constantly kept freezing on the screen after a few seconds…I kept pedalling but getting absolutely nowhere. It would restart and I thought great I can get going now but then it did it again. I had a good internet connection so it was nothing to do with poor service. This has happened a few times and is very frustrating. I am using a Kinetic rock n roll trainer. Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

(Neil Arlett) #2

I had this problem as well today with a good internet connection really frustrating

(Paul Allen) #3

There were ongoing issues with Zwift at the moment, there are other threads discussing similar issues, you can keep up on the status here:

(. Poggs) #4

I had same issue during the Media Fondo today. Must have frozen 6 times during the 2 1/2 hour ride. Couldn’t see my position during event and at the end, no results were displayed. I hope this has uploaded, as it was the 3rd Fondo, to go into the prize draw for a Canyon Endurace.

Really annoy as last round had major issues and had to be reschedule.

(B Tizzle) #5

It is deplorable that zwift charges $15 USD/month and has these reliability issues.  I can’t wait for some competitors to come along and nuke them.

(JJ Dewar) #6

I had the same issue freezing up multiple times during the ride.  Worst part is it didn’t save my ride. All was lost! 

(Harriet Langworthy) #7

I had the same issue today.  The ride kept freezing and then at the end, despite everything appearing to be as normal and the upload to Strava button appearing, thee ride has disappeared completely and I cannot even find it in my files. I have raised a support ticket with Zwift so hopefully they can find it - but it seems they will have a lot of other rides to look for also!

(Paul Allen) #8


Have you looked in \douments\zwitft\activities for the missing ride, you can manually upload that to 3rd party sites.