Zwift single-tap sign-in no longer working on Iphone

From about a couple of months ago I used to be able to just tap on my username on my Zwift app located on my Iphone 14, no hassles just a normal feature of all the apps I use. And then I think a Zwift update came along and now I have to put in my log-in details, both email and password, EVERY . . . SINGLE. . . DAMN. . . TIME I launch the app!!!
I would love to have the luxury back where I just have a single-tap log in, does anyone know how to make that happen?

I’ve tried the common suggestions from the various threads that don’t seem to indicate this is a common issue with a specific update or timeframe period. Some of the failed fixes I’ve tried such as re-installing Zwift, straight up deleting my Windows 10 instance that doesn’t have any problems have all not resulted in any improvement or tinkering with the Zwift companion app have not lead to it being fixed.