Zwift shop pop up spoils ZRL race

So I was racing last Tuesday on park perimeter loop, in the ZRL week 2. When with about 1km to go the game collapsed to the taskbar because the Zwift shop window popped up.

I finished the race 24th (still first 50+) in my cat B race, but should have been better.

I was blind for the last km, with only the mini map on my mobile phone to go on, I had no idea where the finish line was so all I could do was ride as hard as I could, try and stay within the group of white dots until they changed size which means they have crossed the finish line - bloody nightmare.

Anyone else had this issue?

That’s a Windows issue. Windows will minimize the game if another program take control.

To avoid this you can run in windowed mode and then use borderlessgaming to force full screen.

If another program takes control of what exactly?

Or do you mean another app steals focus?

Why the Zwift shop pop-up stealing focus? 1. Zwift is a subscription service. 2. Why the pop-up if there is a known “Windows issue”… That is a Zwift issue.

Also, we shouldn’t have to force full screen with a third party app. That is a Zwift issue.

It is a windows gaming issue, many games has this problem especially with multi monitor setups.

I have not see this popup, do you have a screen shot. Did you have a browser open in the background?

I expected a deflection there…

The pop-up was in the OPs description.

It’s not a Windows issue, it’s a Zwift issue.
Normally the pop up appears soon after launching the game, and I can close it before starting a ride - last Tuesday I didn’t do that.

So just to say again, it’s a Zwift pop up window, nothing else is open apart from Zwift, no browser,

Some spec info, running duplicated screen setup when I’m running Zwift, 1440p gaming monitors, but resolution is capped at 720p as I’m back to using an old Sony Bravia TV - on a RTX 3090.

Running full screen also as it just looks better.

Do you have a picture of this pop-up, I can’t think of a pop-up that I need to close when starting Zwift.

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No I don’t have a screen shot, it’s just a small borderless window with the guy sat on a bike - and it say Zwift shop, I end up with two Z’s on the taskbar - one a slightly different shade than the other.

I don’t normally post on these forums, so don’t know how active the Devs are or not here.

That’s the launcher (and I have absolutely no idea why it asks if you want to visit the shop - no, I’m about to ride on Zwift duh) which should close when you hit Let’s Go and load the game proper. Something’s wrong with your install.

Could well be, I’ll try a deinstall tomorrow with manual removal of all Zwift folders as well.

I’ll report back either way

Reboot the system after the uninstall, and check the apps list to ensure it’s completely gone. Then use a fresh installer from Download Zwift on iOS, MAC, PC, or Android Devices | Zwift. It sounds like you have multiple versions of the launcher installed somehow - perhaps the old IE-based version as well as the newer Edge-based one.

What Gerrie said about focus (Zwift minimising if something else takes focus) isn’t untrue, but it works just fine in full screen for me and always has done.

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Just in case this happens again, a quick Alt+Tab will bring focus back to the Zwift game window in no time… (Been there, done that, though it was something else.)

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I’m sure you meant to advise me to check in program files (x86) as well :grinning:

Don’t worry I have done and manually deleted the game files afterwards :+1:

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I think my issue is I have multiple screens and are constantly clicking on other screens, probably a user issue. LOL

Window and borderless gaming works for me, when riding hard I don’t see the difference. :rofl: :sunglasses: :crazy_face:

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