Zwift - Sheer number of issues

So, after trying to use Zwift for a good six months or so now, I’m getting really frustrated at the sheer number of issues. A quick scoot around here on the forums and you get an even more pronounced sense that the level of dropouts, bugs, issues and missing obvious features is out of control. Don’t get me started on Bluetooth connectivity and dropouts. Is anyone listening?

for starters u’ve given absolutely 0 useful info to help troubleshoot whatever ur specific issue is.

for seconders, if ur having issues with connectivity / dropouts, these are almost always down to user error, you need to either a) get a new cable / dongle / whatever to get a sensor within 30cm of ur trainer, or b) get a new device to run zwift off of cos ur current one ain’t cutting it.

finally, if ur that unhappy, just un-sub, simple.


Having translated your response into English, I think you nay have missed the point. The clue is in the title. I’ll hang on for an intelligent comment, but thanks.


There are certainly lots and lots of issues. What platform are you running Zwift on? If it’s Windows then you may well find that ANT+ is a more stable solution - lots of people find the built-in Bluetooth on Windows to be not very stable.

Thanks Steve. I’m a multi-platform developer user Steve, and it was reading the common forum “user error” chat that got me on this train. I’ve got internal and external BLE and ANT on W10, BigSur, IOS and Android - that highlighted the consistency of the issues I was having personally. Having ran a scan on the forum, the breadth and depth of the issues appears significantly above norm. Just curious if there are people experiencing a clear path …

It’s not unusual for everyone with complaints to be vocal and those that are happy to not bother saying anything, what you see here is a vocal minority with problems, not the many thousands using Zwift fine day in day out. That said maybe my bias in the other direction is just as bad, a scan of a forum doesn’t tell much, as I’m sure you’ll know given your background any business worth their salt will analyze feedback and look at metrics such as complaints per 1000 to understand where the real problems lie, and not just go with who shouts loudest on a forum.


If u can’t understand my English, I feel bad for u son,
I got 99 problems, but Zwift ain’t one :upside_down_face:

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While there are many flaky elements to the app, the connectivity aspect is less a Zwift problem and more an overall device/app complexity one. There are two communication protocols, one (BT) limited to one-to-one links and thus prone to “I’m sorry, I’m already connected on your iPhone you forgot about” issues, a myriad of devices at both ends of the connections, and so on. So it’s all very error-prone. You get a lot of “my avatar doesn’t move!!!” posts, followed by the anticipated and normal “what device are you running the app on, which trainer/sensors/protocol are you using” questions, and long blank stares in return.

So yeah, the app is far from great, but it’s not all to blame.

I’ve been using Zwift since September with an Apple TV, tacx neo and an Apple Watch for a heart rate monitor and the only issue I’ve had has been with the Apple Watch as the heart rate monitor and I’m not sure if this is a Zwift or an Apple problem.

The trainer has always connected flawlessly and I’ve never had an issue riding. Of course there are features and improvements that I would like to see Zwift implement.

I very rarely have any problems, in fact I can probably count on one hand the number that weren’t directly caused by my own messing about overclocking, testing settings etc (generally on builds for other people). This is on dedicated PC.

I’ve got loads of opinions on the software but basic functionality/stability isn’t an issue for me. It’s certainly not flawless but it almost all comes down to your setup and environment. Which I totally accept is a problem in itself, and is why Zwift see their own hardware as a solution.

I doubt that those with integrated Intel graphics and frequent crashes would agree that stability isn’t an issue.

On top of that, every update at the moment seem to introduces a new stability issue for a group of users with a particular configuration/platform, which causes havoc for a week or so.

Fair enough, edited to mention that it’s not a issue for me which is what the OP asked. Very few stability problems in years of use.

As I said, most of it comes down to your setup. Running a 3D game on integrated graphics has always been a bad idea.

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Intel iGPUs have common problems with games, I would not blame Zwift here (or not only Zwift).


After 3 years of daily use, I’m pretty happy. Yes, I have some gripes. Mainly that my Ticker Fit does have a really hard time pairing. But beyond that, everything else are just nuisance issues. I believe I’ve had 2 crashes total. So that’s not too bad. And of course I would really really like the runs in run valley to start before the starting line :slight_smile: