Zwift set up Apple TV a repeater network

Hi. Don’t know if anyone can help.

Been using zwift quite happily normal Wi-fi router but there were black spots in my house.

Signed up for by whole home Wi-fi. There is a router and then discs you put around your house.

My Apple TV is connecting to the disc because it is the nearest point. But when I go on zwift there isn’t any other riders. Apparently due to low Wi-fi signal but the signal is stronger than it ever was.

I am also planning a extension so my zwift set up will be moved further away from the router and will have to be set up on the disc/repeater.

I’ve read that Apple TV and zwift spent ‘like’ repeaters…is there anyway i can sort this?

If anyone else is having this problem I may have sorted it. I think it’s a coincidence that they have updated the wattbike atom to steer on the same day I’ve upgraded my Wi-fi.

If you de select the steering in the pairing menu then nobody else joins. Must be a glitch. Sure it’ll get sorted.

Ride on.