Zwift server

Question: Does the Zwift server know where every rider is on the map? or Zwift known where every rider start the think it know where rider are with time/speed data?

Only ask as in the ZRL tonight I was to the right of a rider where I was doing 6.2wkg and going no where he was doing 4,6 I think

Basically, what you see isn’t necessarily what is happening at that moment due to latency etc

There’s been plenty of scenarios where person A appeared to cross the line first, but zwift results showed person B winning.

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and the watt difference was…?

Also not to mention, in larger fields, getting blocked in is still very much an aspect of pack dynamics.

The answer is probably mostly no, not in the aspect you’re thinking of at least I presume; as physics are calculated on the user end. So where someone exists at any given moment, may not at all be where they exist on their end.

Thought that may be the case but would be nice

that’s probably more so the pack dynamics.

What you see can differ from other riders if one or the other of you have latency in your connection but i believe your power/drafting calculations are all done locally based on what your client sees but with the pack dynamics there is a still a slight bit of resistance needed to pass a rider although 6.2 over 4.6 i would of though should of allowed a pass a bit easier.

It was like a virtual break check

That’s exactly what it was, welcome to PD4.X

It can be quite effective once you learn how to do it; however it’s… also not quite as functional for lightweights (but still sometimes possible depending on what’s happening.)

Think it a bit of a BS move when you not fight for the win

We’ve had it for over half a year now; the entire “indoor season” this winter if you will…
It is far “easier” to not be blocked / “harder” to block, than the original implementation back in August.

I like it; it’s just another thing that makes racing a little more interesting; sucks for me because it means I have to get through Z5 and into Z7 to get around some heavier riders at times.

I wouldn’t expect anything to change (and have no reason to suspect anything would) in the realm of PD for some time to come; it had lots of adjustments going into it last year.

yes I was 69kg and the over rider was 85kg but on a hill I would of thought 6.9 vs 4.6 I would of fly past him been heavier riders.

As far as I’ve been able to ever resolve, the blocking situation is purely watts based, and w/kg doesn’t seem to have a huge affect if any.

Granted, I also am not about to mess up my data by making me like 40kg and testing that theory, so I assume at some point w/kg does start to matter, but I’m not sure by how much.

Zwift physics are more w/kg focused versus pure watts, but I’ve yet to determine where that line crosses.

At 60kg I get stuck behind almost everyone, and in races it makes it very challenging in many scenarios; at which point I have to just pull back a bit, take a breath, and push (or worse, sprint), through.