Zwift says I'm "Zwifting Now" after the ride is finished & saved?

(Leigh Flanigan) #1

Hi there, I finished mt ride about an hour ago (Zwift iOS app) but the Zwift Mobile App still shows my ride as “Zwifting Now” and adding time, as if the ride was still going? On the Zwift app, there is no indication the ride is still going.  Any help?

(Kennen Hootman) #2

I am currently having the same issue. Zwift also didn’t automatically upload to Strava or Training Peaks but when I manually uploaded it had the correct data. But, when I look on the website or the app it keeps adding time

(John Ambrose) #3

I also have this problem this morning and as a result Zwift has not updated Strava or Garmin Connect? This is presumably because the server thinks this activity is still live?

(Hilary Johnstone) #4

Did anyone manage to resolve this issue? I have the same issue, and although they are trying, the helpdesk isn’t making any progress in assisting me to resolve this… Any help would be hugely appreciated!

(Kennen Hootman) #5

Yes Hilary. My activity kept adding time until the next time I rode the day after. Then when I went back to look at the original activity it showed as normal (none of the added time after I had stopped). So hopefully if you start a new activity it will solve your issue too.

Don’t expect Zwift to make any progress on this. Their idea of “customer service” is to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. That has happened everytime I’ve contacted them and everytime they just stopped responding without officially solving anything