Zwift save state feature

A few times a month Zwift will lose either network connection or the bluetooth connection to my trainer (Wahoo Kickr) and this inevitably ends up having to restart Zwift and you lose everything you were in the middle of.

I do lots of training plans and it is a royal PITA to lose everything mid-way through a workout. This morning I was doing a 90 minute plan and 60 minutes in it lost connection to the trainer and zwift crashed. This means restarting Zwift and the plan, then just swiping through the segments to get to where it kicked you out, but you lose all the stars you’ve already done and all the previous data.

So in the attached image the first 20.5 miles has zero detail attached to it, all the HR, power etc are gone (I would have attached the image if the forum software actually allowed you to upload media).

Now Zwift is clearly logging all this data as you ride so how about making it save the state in the background, then if a ride has not been saved/discarded then the user gets the option to pick up where they left off.

You already have the data, so just save it every so often (like a save point in games) and give users to option to go back in and start where they were kicked out.

  • Windows 10 running Zwift
  • Zwift companion app on Android (utilising bluetooth on the phone)
  • Yes I have tried using bluetooth on the laptop but have had the same issue

You should try ANT+, it is much more stable on windows 10 than Bluetooth. Get an ANT+ dongle and an extension cable so it’s right under your trainer.

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I originally ran it with ANT+ dongle and extension cable. It was exactly the same and the reason I switched to bluetooth, which is slightly more stable.

But this could all be solved with a “resume at last save point” feature

if (!saved && !discarded) {
    resume last_save_point

You’d think this would be really easy to do, they already capture the data in readiness for you to save, and they can no doubt tell the state of saved/discarded. Just create a restore point say every 500 meters and any other game state (such as doing a plan and which segment you were on), then allow the user to resume at the beginning of the segment that it crashed on.

Zwifters have been asking for this (or similar) for years now. Still no word from Zwift. No “resume ride”, no “post crash upload”. Nothing.

Mind you, Zwift/trainer disconnects with BT are (in my experience) not a rare event - but I’ve never had Zwift crash as a result (now that I mention it, I never had Zwift crash period .)

“60 min” timeframe for disconnect resonates with my experience (though not completely replicates it…) - most times a disconnect will occur around the 60 min mark, at which time I usually power-cycle my trainer, and after a min or so, Zwift will re-connect, and I can resume my ride (which is not possible in your case, as Zwift crashes…). I experience no such using ANT+ .

It might be helpful to examine the crash report.