ZWIFT`s actions after Williams assaulting competition

I would like to know what consequences ZWIFT will take after Williams has physically assaulted one of his competitors after a race/engaged in a fight with another rider. Don’t care who’s fault it is but fist fighting in cycling? Both should be taken of their respective teams squad!

Cycling has a long history of the competition. From Luis Ocaña to Merckx over Armstrong vs Ulrich to this yearsPogačar vs Roglič etc…the competition has been fierce and sometimes even vocal but never physical and mostly always respectful.

It’s disgusting to see a sore loser or, even worse, somebody who punches down. I have been a big fan of their efforts of including often ignored societies over the years: trying to bring cycling to communities that usually would not have many touchpoints with the sport.

And here it is now: the guy with the “mamba mentality” lashing out for no reason - crit racing is and always will be hard. If you don’t want wheels and shoulders touched, stay on zwift.

So what will ZWIFT (and the other sponsors) now do? I could not find a press statement on wether they will keep supporting the team even after these despicable scenes or if some consequences will be taken?
Would be sad to see this behaviour manifest itself.

Was it Cory or his brother Justin that was doing the alleged punching?


Salt Lake Crit fistfight w Justin Williams, Mike Hernandez & Cory Williams - Legion vs Best Buddies - YouTube that fight ?

i cannot believe a sanctioned US criterium would allow a fistfight to happen without a referee and four lawyers present. someone could have gotten a bruise

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Justin is in the black jersey and RedBull helmet. Cory is the one in the white jersey holding Michael Hernandez back after Justin starts swinging.

Let be honest. I can’t see L39ion actually supporting Zwift or providing a positive ROI. They don’t even try in the premier league races. I can’t only hope that Zwift isn’t giving away goobs of money when they’ve fired about 200/700 people this year.

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It’s also blowing up on Reddit.

My question doesn’t make so much sense now since the OP edited the post. The OP was originally saying that Cory was doing the punching, hence my question.

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If it happened here they’d probably all be given suspensions. We comms had a list of suspended riders and why they were suspended, injury suspension - aka medical clearance needed (for safety) or “other” reasons.

The list was usually pretty small.

Zwift Boxing. COMING ZOON!


the competition has been fierce and sometimes even vocal but never physical and mostly always respectful.

Nacer Bouhanni punched another rider in the face during a TdF stage a year or 2 ago. I’m not condoning that sort of behavior by any means, but it does happen sometimes.

The video of the Legion incident was tough to watch… from what we saw, that attack seemed uncalled for.

Check out Cory’s instagram and you can hear his side of the story.

Justin and Hernandez were both fined and DQ’d, L39gion also pulled the entire team out of the rest of the races due to “safety concerns”… how much more punishment should be handed down? Do they really deserve to be stripped of all their sponsors? Far more dangerous behavior is happening during the race from what I have seen.

Had to watch the clip a few times, but when I saw it… WOW. I get that “rubbing is racing” and a bit of argy-bargy is to be expected in a crit, but that looked like a dirty move. Thanks for posting.

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All riders throwing fists should get a suspension. This is not the sport they signed up for or represent to the world. If it happened during the race, then sure an exclusion from the results and a fine might work but being this was a public display AFTER the race had finished, both (all) riders inciting violence should get benched for the rest of the American Crit cup series, or at least become ineligible for the overall prize list.

The Crit bro ego had been growing over the last few years. Now is the time to set the precedent that physical altercations are not acceptable. Give a slap on the wrist and it’s basically a blessing. A no tolerance policy will make it clear when they can go race the following weekend.

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Legion has, for many years, posted video after video where they boast about their bullying and dangerous tactics. They show how if anybody is better than any rider in their train and dares get on one of their wheels, they need to be dangerously pushed to the curb.

“Rubbin is racing” is idiotic. NOTHING anybody does in a race justifies trying to force them into a crash.

Legion makes racing worse, more dangerous, less inclusive. They are bullies, they are dangerous. The only good thing is that they only operate in a very small part of the racing world.

Zwift absolutely should not sponsor them or be involved with them in any way. I like Zwift, I have been a user for a long time. Their sponsorship of Legion is not going to make me stop being a Zwift user, but it absolutely is a black eye on Zwift. Every time Zwift does some sort of promotion with Legion, I lose a lot of respect for them.


This kind of thing just ends up in broken people and broken bikes and people leaving the sport. I know so many very good riders (and racers) who bailed out because criteriums were becoming crash fests or other riders were acting dangerously.

Deliberately aggressive and dangerous riding behaviour does not help, particularly to get new people into the sport (ie, young riders). Parents will look at this stuff and enrol their kids into some other sport. It’s an expensive sport too for juniors (as kids grow you get different bikes).

Maybe that’s not enough, maybe the entire “team” should face the sanctions/penalties in this kind of thing.

Luckily I’ve never had to deal with any fights like this one. But if I did, fines and suspensions, our rules are very clear.


I think in this case the ineligibility to collect prize money or step up to the start line will be the biggest punishments that will speak to all riders.

I don’t think anyone would be sent to the penalty box.
No gloves or sticks, oh wait, wrong sport.

they should be forced to wear POC Tempor helmets in their next three races as punishment