Zwift running super slow and stuttering

Hi all,

Zwift is running very slow (often not responding) and image is stuttering every 2 seconds, making it impossible to right with watts.

I use a Lenovo E15 with Intel Core i7 and 16gb RAM running Windows 11. Graphics are 1x Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics.

I tried disabling the Video Screenshot feature, didn’t change anything.

Didn’t have any issue riding on zwift last spring.

I use this laptop exclusively for training inside. Rouvy works just fine but prefer Zwift for social riding.

Can you provide guidance ?

You could try change graphic settings in the menu:

and see, if that helps.

I did try that and it changed nothing…

Loading the menu page is super slow too, it’s not just while riding that I have the issue. Clicking and navigating takes 4-5 seconds delay…

Yeah that laptop should be fine with video snapshots disabled so it’s puzzling. A few other standard steps:

  • Disable OneDrive
  • Disable any antivirus software other than Defender
  • Upload a log file to and share some screenshots here
  • Do a Windows reset or clean reinstallation

Disabling Onedrive seems to have done the trick !

Thanks so much @Paul_Southworth