Zwift Running Events

Perhaps I’m missing something. The scheduled events never seem to work out for me, and I would guess for many others based on the single runners I encounter. Is it possible for me to create a group event and leave it open for anyone who wishes to join? For example, I know tomorrow that I will be home from work and ready to run at 7:15pm. Can I schedule an event and leave it open for anyone who want to join?

I tried to do this but the system makes me invite people I follow. I just want to it to be an open run.

Like 7:15 pm 5k run, 5 - 6.5 mph pace?

Hey Scott! The meetup feature is really the only way to do this currently. If it is a recurring event you would like to “host” you can email the events team with the details of your request and have it become a regularly scheduled event if approved. Here is the information you should supply if you want to do that…email with:

  • Official run name
  • Day of the week
  • Time (in USA-EST please) Note: While we do our best to schedule your event at the time of your choosing, we cannot guarantee your requested time will be available.
  • Distance (Ex: 3 laps or 1 hour plus miles/km. If we use time or distance the ride may or may not end under a finish banner. If we use laps it will).
  • Course (Ex: London Loop, Watopia Flat). We change courses frequently so please let us know the Watopia, Richmond and London course you would like to use so we know in advance your course selection.
  • Pace
  • Run leader name + email (who is the run leader? races don’t need run leaders)
  • Run description (a good description increases the success of the ride so provide as much detail as possible).
  • Is this run recurring? Do you want this run to happen the same time every week?
  • Kit auto-assign (do you want all runners to wear the same kit? if yes, please state the desired kit - sorry, we are not making custom kits at this time)