Zwift Runner User Interface (UI) Comments

For the Running UI, please strive to simplify the UI once a run has begun. Get rid of the blocks that aren’t needed once you’ve selected your run and started. It would be nice if the buttons we bigger too as, unlike cyclists who’s hands are fairly still, runners are moving their arms so hitting like buttons is hard unless you stop (and we don’t like to stop if it’s not necessary). The Thumbs Up button is a good example. Same with the Companion App. Once the run is on I don’t need access to most of that. Just give me the obvious buttons and make them big. I’m fairly new to Zwift and learning the UI so will keep posting as I identify gaps vs learning issues and mistakes on my end. Thx for all the work so far. It’s a very interesting training environment and with the right feedback from runners it will get even better.