Zwift Run Pod Update on iOS crashes Zwift


Since today, I am not able to use my Zwift RunPod from Zwift anymore.

In the exact moment, when the Zwift RunPod is connected and the firmware update pops up, the Zwift app shuts down completely. This occurs either in the world (e.g. Watopia), or while connecting straight away when the app starts. Furthermore, it happens on both my Apple devices.

iPad 8 (iOS 14.4.1, latest version)
MacBook Pro 2015 (macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, latest version)

Therefore I am not able to update the Zwift RunPod and not to use Zwift Runnng anymore :frowning:

I also restarted the devices and removed the battery from the Zwift RunPod and tried several new batteries.

Always the same results. Zwift is crashing / shutting down.

I would love to get some help!