Zwift run pod not recognized

Goodmorning everyone. I expose my problem: yesterday I used Zwift app run mode with Macbook Pro Retina 2015, JK SUPERCOMPACT 48 treadmill by JK Fitness (traditional treadmill and does not support Zwift), Garmin HRM dual heart rate monitor and Zwift run pod (new just purchased. …). I correctly calibrated the run pod, the HRM dual is not found by Zwift (it works as it is recognized by Garmin Forerunner 45) and, after a few km of running, the app suddenly closed and when reopened, it no longer recognizes the run pod. I have turned off all the BLEs nearby (iphone phone and Garmin Forerunner 45 watch), with the exception of the treadmill as it has BLE but there is no possibility to turn it off. How can I solve? Thanks and greetings.