Zwift Run and Wahoo TickrX

(Miles Orchard (D)) #1

Hi guys, new to Zwift and thinking about changing my heart rate belt and wondered if anyone has had any experience with Wahoo TickrX and Zwift Run. Does it work well in the gym on the treadmill? I’m trying to avoid buying a foot pod so hope the Wahoo will do.


(Steve Ellis) #2

I have successfully used the Wahoo TIKR Run heart rate monitor with Zwift Run (beta) on the treadmill. The TICKR X is one step up in features, 

(Miles Orchard (D)) #3

Cheers Steve, I’m looking for the swimming support too so TickR X seems to make sense to me, glad it works!Only on my 3rd day of Zwift but signing up for membership today and want to increase heart rate options with a new belt!

(☆ Tron) #4

@Steve Ellis: how did you succeed? I am close to have it working but speed is not transmitted so the avatar wont move ;-(.

I have calibreted using the Wahoo app twice … still not working.

Tnx in advance for any tips!

(Steve Ellis) #5

Tron: I reconfirmed tonight that I can “run” using the Wahoo TIckr Run for pace as well as heart rate. I was walking on the treadmill and ran the latest Zwift on an iPhone 7 (iOS 11.1.?). 

(Steve Ellis) #6

Further experience tonight:

  1. Tickr X plus PC did not work for running. The PC paired via ANT+ with the Tickr X for heart rate, but not for cadence or treadmill speed.
  2. Tickr X plus iPhone did not work for running. The iPhone paired via Bluetooth with the Tickr X for heart rate, but not for cadence or treadmill speed.
  3. Milestone Pod plus Tickr X plus iPhone worked for running. Both sensors paired with the iPhone via Bluetooth: the Tickr X for heart rate and the Milestone Pod for speed.

#2 was particularly unexpected because a Tickr Run plus iPhone had worked for running, just four days ago. I don’t know whether some random Tickrs work and other don’t, or whether the Run works and the X doesn’t, or if this is a one-off experience. I had thought that the X was a Run with additional features, but maybe the comparison is not that simple.

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #7

There’s a trick to getting the Tickr X to work with Zwift in run mode.

You have to get the Tickr X/Run to switch to run mode by starting a run with the Wahoo Fitness app, then swipe up/close the app. Now the Tickr X/Run can be picked up as a running sensor within Zwift.

(Christian Giesecke) #8

Hello, every time I go for a run with my ticker x my guys starts running then he stops and the KM go back to zero. Can anyone help why this happening

(W Up) #9

Hi all, so you know. If you have paired any device to the wahoo fitness app, they are rarely able to connect to zwift. it takes seconds to pair devices to the wahoo fitness app so just add and remove each time you use it. it has something to do with the device check rate. zwift checks the devices only after the app is running, the wahoo app runs in the back ground. they don;t like share the signals.

If your using zwift and wahoo devices, your best bet and it has worked for computers, apple tv and ios devices. is to NOT use the wahoo fitness app when using zwift. 

For IOS devices, removed paired devices from wahoo fitness app only, clear all background apps, do a hard restart (Lock and home buttons together , quickest) open zwift. you will be good to go. It sounds like a pain, but start there and work your way up by removing a step and see how you go. any issues revert back to this to clear any problems. The computer is the same your phone needs to have Bluetooth blocked for it to work, and you do not pair it to the computer just detect from the zwift program. windows gets confused.

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #10

By definition, bluetooth low energy devices can only connect to one computer at a time.  Once the BTLE device is connected, it stops broadcasting it’s availability, so other systems can’t even see it.

For most applications, simply force quitting the app that initiated the connection is sufficient to release the BTLE device.