zwift rowing and skiing

(Bernie Shiao) #1

I see that there’s already a post about digital rowing,

I too have rowpro from, you can row online but I’ve never done it so can’t speak what it looks like or how well it works, etc.

I have both a rower and a skier, and logged >5 million meters on the rower and >1 million on the skier. I would love to be able to row/ski in zwift, there’s info here on the SDK and software,

I think right now you have to physically cable the row/ski monitor to a laptop, same for a smart device.

There’s a pretty big indoor rowing/skiing community both for folks that train for the outside sport as well as folks who only row/ski inside, like me. Check out Billions of meters rowed per year.

I’m sure you guys could bang out something for the rower in no time :-).

that said I’m really enjoying zwift, I ride almost exclusively indoors and always on zwift, it’s GREAT, RIDE ON!!!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hey Bernie, that’s an interesting idea that a few other people have mentioned to us as well.   We’re focused on cycling at the moment but we always have little side projects we investigate here at Zwift so you never know.  

If we had more concept 2 users writing in we could more easily justify the research sooner rather than later.

Thanks for all the info. I’ll put a +1 next to the idea of rower support.

(Max Olei) #3

I suggest to investigate if could be profitable to design an online rowing software for water rower user and also other rowers on the market.

Water rower community is smaller than concept2 community, but there are yet a lot of products for concept 2 and nothing for water rower…


(Andrew Price) #4

I’ve just created an account just to give this a vote.  Not sure you’ll get many Concept2 users writing in though as this forum is a little off-track for most of them.  I’d suggest a post at the C2 forum ( .%C2%A0) As this is C2’s own forum you’ll probably need to run it past them first but as they don’t do software there’s no conflict so I’d expect them to be fine with you posting there.

I’d definitely subscribe for the C2.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #5

“If we had more concept 2 users writing in we could more easily justify the research sooner rather than later.”

I’ll stick my hand up then.

I’ve used RowPro in the past, and when I got hold of the USB SDK I started working on a way of “rowing” through Half-Life 2 maps.  It never made it out of my own early proof of concept phase, but I think it’d definitely have an audience. Clearly not as large a catchment group as cycling, but if it’s fairly simple to fork the code or engineer some sort of input plug-in system I dare say it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility.

The C2 USB output does provide power/pace, for example.  You can see it in this screenshot of my “bleep test” app:

Should also be possible to support other ergs that provide USB or ANT+ output. Sounds like a great idea to me – although my erg has been gathering dust for the past few years.

(Chris Pierson (Zoom)) #6

Concept 2 owner here as well. Would love to be able to Zwift on my rower on my cross training days.

Is there a repo up on github I could check out?

(Ross Pyne) #7

Would love to be able to Row around Watopia on my Concept2!!

(Chris Pierson (Zoom)) #8


After updating my C2 PM5 to v22, I’m able to discover the C2 on Zwift as an Ant+ FE-C device. I can’t get it to actually pick up any of the data, but I’m wondering if my Garmin VAHR is doing some intercepting (e.g. it was causing the same pickup problems using the PainSled app on my phone).

It would be great to see Zwift open up the platform for local usage with some kind of always-on DRM that validated a user’s account was active/paid.

I will give it a shot later with the Garmin watch off and see what happens.

What C2 computer do you have?

(Iain Curtis) #9

It would be great to be able to do a rowing workout on my C2 in Zwift…I would defo use it! 

(Bob H.) #10

(Hand up) Rower!  Started last year and have found that it’s a great cross train for cycling.  Bought a Concept 2 with the PM5 monitor this past Christmas.  Would LOVE to have a platform in Zwift to live row.  If nothing else, have the ability to do what this guy did ( connecting his waterrower to Zwift via Blackberry Pi computer and just having his bike avatar move based on the power output of the rower.  Ingenious.  Doesn’t seem like it’d take much more to create a rowing “virtual” world like you have for cycling.

(Andrew F) #11

It can be done. Based on the Waterrower experience. See for a high level “How-to” guide.

What would be great would be a RaspPi image which would plug and play on a Rasp Zero etc. to get Concept2 to connect to Zwift.

(Bob H.) #12

Thanks, Andrew!  Didn’t see that link in all of my Googling research.  I’m new to the world of Raspberry Pi but the devices look interesting, if you’re inclined to learn new programming languages (which I’m sort of interested in but it’s low priority right now).  Ideally, someone will have uploaded an image or file on github or somewhere then I might try to get into it.  But for now, I’ll just be content to use the C2-2-Stava and keep Zwift for my bike cross training.  

If anyone knows more or has a site with a RaspPi image, let the forum know. 

(Boris umblebee) #13


Would like to able to use my Concept2 Rowing and Skiing machine with Zwift too.

(Joel Vivian (D)) #14

Would love to use my C2 rower in a Zwift world! Long time Row pro software user, but Zwift would be 1000 times better! 

(Stephen Ward WBR) #15

Have been using Rowpro for many years and would love to see Zwift integrate a program for my C2 rower.

(surly singlespeed) #16

Me too!

Concept 2 PM5. I love Zwift for the bike and treadmill but the rower needs Zwift the most,

(Stef Levolger) #17


(jason poyzer) #18

Yes, please just digging out my Concept 2 for some Winter core training along side the bike… trying to get a good start for next year so the one platform would be great…


How about just up and down the London Thames as a sample and if you get the user base then London to Watopia :wink:

(Stefan Kinell) #19

Yes please! I’'m a Skierg PM5 user. Would love to be able to do structured workouts with Zwift. Even though it looks like I’m running. :wink:

(E & J Lindauer WBR) #20

This would be totally awesome!! I would love to have the option to do another sport that I actually do indoors (as opposed to running that I avoid doing indoors unless it’s icy out). Think of how many people would actually take an off-season away from the bike and run if they could do some sort of racing on the rower! Though honestly you would probably need to make this something people could do from a phone or tablet, as most people I know use the Concept 2 at the gym. Now that I think of it, using something like the Samsung VR device with a phone would be pretty amazing on a rowing machine while cruising through the Thames or around the Watopia islands…