Zwift Rowing and Skiing

Thank you! That explains it…But why in the world would they lock the Smartrow??

Has anyone seen an official update on this capability? We’re almost out of January 2020, and I thought we’d have heard something with the December 2019 target having come and gone.

I went ahead and subscribed to support Zwift in this effort. In the interim, I’m using the run pod with my treadmill. Definitely looking forward to the low impact option of my Concept2 rower.


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+1 for rowing support.
I’ve recently started using my C2 again after a long break. It’s soooo boring! I found this thread while generally bumbling around Google looking for options to make rowing more interesting. If Zift had a row option I’d subscribe in a heartbeat. I would likely buy a smart trainer for a bike too later, but my primary driver to subscribe would be rowing.
So - here’s hoping it comes!

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I am new to Zwift but already hooked!. Before Zwift I could only bike indoor 5-15 minutes before getting bored. This is so cool!

Cross country skiers living where there is a lack of snow train on a Ski Erg (similar to a rowing mashine but standing up instead) I imagine that the Zwift concept skiing would make it so much more fun (and hard!) . Would make it possible to prepare for Vasaloppet or Marcialonga.

(And then using the technology to make it work for rowing?

Keep up the good work everyone! / Lena

I would imagine that Zwift doesn’t want to mess about with the game code until after the TdZ series finishes. I would imagine that for them to bring in a potential code change at this stage could be fairly risky (computer software is notoriously hard to test to the nth degree).
Let’s keep our hopes up… :smiley:

Hello guys,

any news?

Bought my first C2 ~6 weeks ago and found this thread. I would sign up for Zwift if they add native support for C2.


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I’ve been Zwifting since beta, and recently interested in rowing machines for upper body conditioning. Would love if Zwift included rowing … I’d start looking to purchase a rower.

Another vote for rowing in Zwift. Not a Zwift user currently but will sign up immediately when it has support for Concept 2/PM 5 rowers!

Rowing Vote for me! Waterrower!

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Sign this gal up from Ukraine

Women’s rowing indoor championships

Been on Zwift since Beta and recently purchased a C2 rower. Would love a rowing feature on Zwift

It is not going to happen, right? I mean this discussion started August 2018 and we have no updates about native C2 support.

Can they at least confirm, that they will NOT support it?