Zwift Rowing and Skiing

Yeah, said that myself. A rowbike equivalent would make it obvious who’s on a rowing machine (it could be auto-selected when pairing a PM5 for example), and means we can just use the same roads as everyone else. Much less needed in terms of development support than any sort of dedicated rowing environment.

Also, an a Rowbike you go forwards. On a rowing machine you’d be rowing backwards, so it’d be a completely different (and a bit peculiar) experience I think. (Unless they implemented it as kayacking or canoeing, but those are very different arm-based motions so make less sense than the rowbike.)

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There are other rowing bikes besides the Rowbike. Compared to these other rowing bikes, the Rowbike looks a little awkward. The Row Cycle seems to allow a more natural rowing motion that most closely matches the Concept 2. The only downside is that it has three wheels, but I am sure that in Zwift you could create a two wheel version. The RowingBike seems to be popular although the rowing motion does look a little different.


Yeah it was just an example of the type of thing that they could do relatively easily to accommodate us. No statement implied as to whether it was the best thing of that ilk to make.

I am currently a Zwift cyclist & runner but, also own a Concept C2 PM5 Rower.
I to would LOVE to see Zwift add rowing. I could see this being used by home users as well as gym users (like the gym treadmill Zwifters) - I currently don’t want to use the rower to bike apps (rowedbike painsled, etc…) because I don’t want to “mess up” my cycling zwift numbers since rowing is a different power curve and wattage etc…

Did you read the thread? If you have an IOS device lying around or a friend with one you can setup the Cable device from NPE to provide a seamless connection to Zwift with actual watts from the PM5. The only drawback is you’ll have to be honest when you take a rest by slow pulling it down on watts (or take no rest) as the PM5 will never zero out.

Adding: You won’t screw up your Zwift reality with rowing or skiing. I’m around 240 FTP on a trike, 160 FTP on a rower, and 150 FTP on skier. So every kilometer on Zwift is harder earned coming from a PM5 with actual watts, no worries there.

Rowbikes (sorry didn’t manage to quote properly from my phone): I get that it would be easier to develop, but it wouldn’t be rowing. It’d be cycling, only with the wattage produced by a rowing machine. That’s no different to what can already be achieved today, and personally I think it misses the point.

There’s no drafting in real life on-water rowing. We also don’t chase each other in packs, though we do have Bumps racing which is at least as insane an idea when you consider our racing shells can cost over 50 thousand quid. :wink:

Zwift, please don’t force an entirely different sport into a cycling format. That’d be so disappointing.

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Well, no, it wouldn’t be cycling. The movement is still a rowing motion.

And TBH it’s never likely to be rowing anyway. Rowers move backwards through the world, and who wants to do that? You’d never know where the sprints started or stopped for a start!

That depends on your in-game perspective. There’s no reason why you couldn’t have a bird’s eye view, or a forward facing view of your rowing avatar (who is moving backwards).

Drafting, pack riding etc are all cycling concepts. They don’t exist in rowing. I can only speak for myself here, but as a rower I want to be able to perform my sport not some half baked cycling version of it because it’s easier. My guess is that “Rowbikes” will appeal to the handful of cyclists who own rowing machines, but if you want to attract a whole new set of users (actual rowers) it has to be an actual virtual rowing environment.

That’s all from me.


That might work in third person. It’d be weird in first-person view, but no more so than a rowbike.

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FYI, the latest version of the RowedBiker app for iOS just dropped. It adds simulated cycling cadence, voice control over the Cruze control and improves Bluetooth connection stability. You can get it on the App Store.

Row on!

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Just to bump this thread. Any new words on Zwift Rowing happening this year?



During his last video interview, Eric Min expressed surprise no other software company “owned the rowing market” yet and suggested “Christmas 2019” was being discussed for Zwift.

There’ve been photos/videos of Zwift HQ where a C2 model D rower was evident in the testing room, and they already have seamless BikeERG integration, so it seems like they have the hardware side figured out.

Still, I’m not holding by breath - the goal-posts have been moved too many times by Zwift themselves. It doesn’t seem to be a priority, unless they’re just playing their cards close to their chest. I suspended my Zwift membership until rowing goes live, if ever.

If anyone wants to buy a slightly used NPE-CABLE pod to connect their rower and “ride” around Watopia, I’m selling mine, along with Garmin ANT+ dongles.

The Christmas 2019 mark is getting closer, I would still very much be interested in seeing it happen though. My C2 is ready!


Zwiftcast podcast episode 65, Jon Mayfield eludes to Rowing by the end of this year.


Since I did Crew in High School and developed both a great affinity and a loathing for the Concept Ergs… I’m right there with you! Bring it Zwift!

I’m just adding my voice to this. I would love to see rowing added as a feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Waiting for official rowing support!


Me too waiting (been doing it for a while)!

If indoor-rowing would be supported, I would use Zwift throughout the whole year and not only for indoor-cycling over the winter months…

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FYI, I have a version of the iOS RowedBiker app that supports the Waterrower BLE Comms Module. A few folks are beta testing it, if you’d like to join, DM me. Row/ride on!