Zwift Roadmap - New Features and Plans

He is saying that this is just more talk which we have been fed here for over a year in many forms and seen nothing from that . We therefore await action and deliver to back up what is still at this stage a marketing driven exercise. If I am not mistaken indeed some of the roadmap items are still being referred to as intentions and expections rather than commitments .


New teaser from Zwift:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

Now we know what the new hardware division has been busy working on :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

actually… that would be pretty rad, I’d buy one!


Bug fixes and improvements for the latest companion app update…

Noticed that the background color is now grey when in ride mode

Music from here:

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Hello Neokyo…

That’s in Yumezi though, not Neokyo.

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perhaps @Oliver_SPEED_HOUND was just noticing the map now extends in the upper left corner?

Just was pointing out that Zwift added the Neokyo part of Makuri to the companion app.

It was posted a few days ago in that other thread about Neokyo potentially being launched on 10th November that seems to have mysteriously disappeared.


I originally posted that post but it has been deleted apparently “because it’s incorrect, and that would create false expectations.”

I did put a disclaimer that the date could be subject to change what with Zwift doing Zwift things. Turns out that at least that part was right.


Oh. Seems a bit unnecessary for it to be deleted IMO (what’s wrong with a bit of excitement and discussion?) but whatever.


Yes, quite right too - Zwift is absolutely adamant that false expectations are never set.


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Eric has posted his traditional Strava Activity… we must be close! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m guessing Wednesday as tomorrow is ZRL, Thursday is WTRL TTT, and Fridays… a Friday. Looking forward to the release!

They usually release on thursdays and don’t give a d*** about those doing TTT…

It only take about 1min to update. And if you expect to have a update on a Thursday then log in a bit earlier.

There is always events on Zwift.

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Yeah, but when they introduce new errors, like last month when they killed the app on Mac for a couple of days, there is no time to find alternatives before the race :frowning:

So they’ve changed the world calendar so that the week of Makuri Island being scheduled starts on Wed the 17th now (it was from the 10th at the start of this month).

So probably next week but don’t get your hopes up and blame me if they change it again.

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