Zwift rides/runs not saving to Garmin

(Stephen Lane) #61

I upload my Zwift ride data to Garmin Connect so that I have it alongside my road ride data. This always used to be pretty instant but I have noticed that in the week or so it takes hours or longer (my last ride took 2 days to appear in Garmin) to upload. Any ideas why this may be the case?

(Jeff) #62

I have noticed slight variations in how long it’ll take to upload but never anything as long as an hour. Mostly just a few minutes here and there.

Today is day 2, ride 2 and Zwift uploaded to Strava and Garmin perfectly and instantly! Thanks for fixing this Zwift team!

(Steve) #63

loaded GC right away today :slight_smile:

(Iain) #64

Garmin upload now fixed :slight_smile: (well for me anyway)

(Andrea) #65

Same here, Garmin upload fixed, but Training Peaks Workouts aren’t showing in Zwift.
I will disable my pay subscription

(Claus) #66

It started working last week, but now it seems to be broken again - did a ride this morning that uploaded fine to Strava, but still nothing on Garmin Connect…

(Sebastian) #67

Still not working. Downloading from the Zwift profil and uploading to Garmin not working too.

An error occurred while uploading the data. Try it again.

(Claus) #68

Did a work this morning and it uploaded fine, but the one from yesterday is still missing…

Zwift Companion App does not upload to Garmin Connect
(Claus) #69

I can see in another thread that people are encouraged to create a support ticket for this - I did this little over a week ago and was essentially given a non-answer and send back here.

Could someone from Zwift Staff please comment on the status of this issue here?
Are you still working on this?
Do you want us to open support-tickets again since we are still experiencing this?

(Patrik) #70

I can’t connect Zwift to Garmin connect anymore, wtf

(Chris) #71

So Garmin says it’s Zwift, and it’s a third party app syncing into their interface. Zwift seems slow to respond to this, and I feel like I may as well be handling floppy discs when having to export/upload rides into my Garmin Connect. Zwift - can you please provide a more informed update to the issue? As a subscriber, I’d like to see action taken to correct what should be correctable. While the product is enjoyable, this issue if growing in frustration.

(H.) #72

Last 2 Zwift rides have not uploaded to GC. Strava was fine. I disconnected Zwift from GC and then reconnected. Nothing uploaded. What now?

(David) #73

I was having an issues with this a few weeks ago, but for the last three weeks, all my rides (most recently last night) have uploaded quite happily, although last night’s took around 15 minutes to appear.

Are you running the most up to date version of Zwift?

(Gerald) #74

Last 2 Zwift rides have not uploaded to GC. I disconnected Zwift from GC and then reconnected. Nothing uploaded. What now?