Zwift rides/runs not saving to Garmin

(John Brooks) #41

Same issue. Hour ride at lunch on Zwift. 3 hours ago. Didn’t sync to Garmin Connect or Strava. It did sync to TrainingPeaks. I’ve had zero issues with Strava or TP for past several months although GC seems to be wonky. Kinda bums me out. GC has better reports than Strava although the social aspect of Strava is tres cool :slightly_smiling_face:

(Stephen) #42

My GC uploads broke with the last update of Zwift . Strava working fine. Disconnect/reconnect did not fix.

(Chuck) #43

Just did a workout, now Strava not loading… doing it manual for now.

(Janet) #44

The last time I rode Zwift was the middle of Feburary (due to long work hours). Just got back to riding yesterday. When I opened Zwift, it started an UPDATE. Ever since this update, my rides are not syncing to Garmin. When I look in the Zwift folder (where it stores your rides) it has 2 .fit files for my last 2 rides (yesterday and today = 4 files). Each day has an and a
Seems to me that since the new Zwift update, the program isn’t saving the Activities correctly. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have an “” file dated the same date and within minutes of the “” file.
For now am manually uploading to Garmin Connect and then syncing with watch. What a pain.

(Sebastian) #45

Downloading the fit file from and uploading to Garmin doesn’t work. Garmin has reported a corrupted file.

(Andrea) #46

same here, GC autoupload doesn’t works since last app update (MacOSX).
TP and Strava autoupload is working well.
Manual importing Zwift fit files in GC seems to works well but the autosync feature stopped working.

(Iain) #47

Fix recommended by Zwift support didn’t fix this.

(Chuck) #48

today, strava did load, but still no garmin

(Oliver Sass) #49

since fwe day no sync with GC - please fix ist

(Steve) #50

today’s hit GC 9 hours later. Yesterday’s still hasn’t shown up. Off to the Drop Shop to look for a Garmin Connect skill…

(Gene) #51

Same here, everything was working great and just this last few weeks GC won’t upload - super frustrating

(Vincent) #52

Update #1
We do apologize for the inconvenience! We’ve had delays on uploads to Garmin and are working to improve that delivery speed and will be reprocessing those activities. So any activities over the past few days that have not yet been uploaded will not be lost and will eventually be processed. All new activities should be uploaded without issue.

(Dave) #53

This is a challenge because my coach views my garmin data to help set my programs. I am missing 3 workouts now I believe on Garmin so hoping this is sorted soon.

(Glenn Bastian) #54

I have been loading the fit file from Zwift to Garmin Connect for the last 6 times I road Zwift. It’s the only way to get it in .

(Jon) #55

Adding to the list of users with this problem. I am running Zwift on Apple TV. First “missing rides” were delayed 24 hours and then showed up in GC. (These rides were completed on 3/4 and 3/5). My ride from 3/6 has not shown up nor has my ride from 3/7. I have not attempted to disconnect my Garmin Account and all rides show up in near real time on Strava.

(Phil) #56

Had an inprovement. Both Garmin and Strava uploaded tonight within 40 seconds of saving Zwift. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dave) #57

Good to hear. I rode Zwift last night (16 hours ago) and it did not load to Garmin but it did to Strava. I was able to upload one fit file but the other one comes up with an error.

Does anyone know why we get error messages on some fit files from Zwift?

(Dave) #58


(Jeff) #59

Good news. My ride from a couple of hours ago uploaded successfully to both Strava and Garmin! Let’s hope this keeps working!

(Mark) #60

Same here. Zwift ride tonight uploaded quickly. Apple TV version.