Zwift rides/runs not saving to Garmin

(Kyle) #21

Same here!!!

(Brett) #22

total loss of all ride data on tonight’s richmond ride. rode for roughly an hour and 20.5 miles. no upload to strava or garmin. no data saved on zwift profile. all zeroes. please help.

(Milan Rost) #23

Had for the first time this issue yesterday, Richmond. Upload to TP ok, no upload to Strava.
No problem with manual download from my Zwift and upload to Strava.
In my opinion the ride did not finish correctly - ZCA showed me still zwifting.
Made no updates yesterday, PC and ZCA updated (last update ZCA Android Saturday) - riding Sunday with no problems.

(Phil) #24

For me Garmin stopped uploading last week. Last night Strava also stopped uploading… fit file was OK and I managed to manually upload the file to Garmin and Strava auto picked it up from Garmin.

(Iain) #25

I use Apple TV & upload to Strava & Garmin.

The Garmin upload stopped working a few days ago, but I can export the .fit file from Zwift & import it manually, so I’ll be patient and wait for it to be resolved by Zwift support.

(Iain) #26

Zwift support asked me to…

Disconnect Garmin from Zwift in my Zwift account settings, log-out of Zwift & clear my browser cache, log back into Zwift and reconnect Garmin again.

I’ll let you know if this sorts it.

(E) #27

Forgot to add - using Apple TV to upload.

(Steffen) #28

Please fix. Releasing the connection and reconnecting did not help. Upload to Garmin is very unreliable.

(S.) #29

Patience…Happened to me, yesterday too.
Richmond, as well. Suddenly, it popped up today around noon. :flushed: Better late than not at all… According to this thread they working on it. I called also Garmin, but that’s not on their side…

(Matt) #30

Just happened to me today for the first time. I just finished a ride and it didn’t update to Connect or Strava. Only thing different today over the other times was a new Zwift update today.

(Vincent) #31

Hey all, we’re still investigating this issue and also monitoring a recent spike in Strava uploads not going through. Will update as soon as possible!

(Chuck) #32

Same here… auto-upload had been fine for over a year with one or two busts, since Friday it has started up. I tried the disconnect/connect and will see if it works tonight. Strava hadn’t had an issue.

I manually upload to garmin in the interim, but power and calories seem to be missing and then calories for the activity will not sync from garmin to my fitness pal app.

(Kyle) #33

I have been auto-uploading all rides from Zwift to my Garmin Connect for a couple months now but now all of a sudden as of last Thursday it won’t work anymore. I’ve disconnected the connection and reconnected the connection several times now and nothing. Can someone help?

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #34

Same issue here, recent issue after years of auto upload. Both runs and rides not syncing. Seems like it started with newest update.

(Kyle) #35

Anyone from Zwift care to comment? Super frustrating that Zwift doesn’t have a support team that you can actually speak with. They’d rather hide behind a keyboard…

Best Regards,

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(John Ritterveld) #36

+1 Auto upload to Garmin not working anymore

(Uros) #37

Same issue entioend here: Garmin Connect sync not working anymore

No solution yet. Zwift support admins, please fix this.

(Paul) #38

I’m finding that the upload works, but after a big delay.

The link in to Strava was also a bit delayed last night (about an hour), but the Garmin load from Sunday took over 24 hours. My Garmin load from last night hasn’t happened yet.

(Claus) #39

After two weeks with no Connect-uploads at all I am also starting to see delayed uploads now - sunday and monday activities available after 24 hours or something like that. This mornings activity still not there.

But something has changed…

(Ga) #40

I have suffered from delayed upload to Strava after last nights ride and so far no upload at all to Connect .