Zwift Result list

It would be nice if the race organizers could download the result list (and import it to excel) after each race. Maybe there could be a hyperlink on the account here on

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It would be even better if the race organizers were sent an auto generated report with not only race results, but also abandonment results and DNS info so that we can better tailor events to get more to join and complete. Thanks. #zwiftΔriding

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Why stop at race leaders?  It may be of interest for participants to get emailed a copy of the race results because they aren’t displayed long enough at the end of a ride to fully digest.  Obviously this could be some kind of opt in or a button press on the results page.

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Are there no way to find the results after they disappear? I tried to find the race I did today on Zwiftpower, but did´t find anything there. 

Display longer than 30 seconds - takes me a couple of mins to cool down after a sprint finish

Paul. Just click on the list and the countdown stops