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Better url for “RoadcCaptain”

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Should I be using the above URL? I’d only seen the one you provided in a previous Megathread.

He lists a new site in his post from a few says ago


Both still work :slightly_smiling_face: is the new official site which will have the proper usage documentation, announcements and feature lists.

The GitHub link is for anyone who wants to get more information on the development of RoadCaptain :+1:


Perfect. Thanks @Cris_To, @Sander_van_Vliet_The, & @Mike_Rowe1 ! Trying to keep the Wiki clean, I replaced the other link with the one as the latter further links to GitHub for anyone wanting to do a deep-dive. @Sander_van_Vliet_The - consider updating the info on your YouTube demo to link to the new page too. :slight_smile:

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For the race section:

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The Drafting Dinos Racing Team started a few years ago with a small team of six women. Since then, we have grown to a team of men and women of varying capabilities, from A to D. If you want to learn more about the Drafting Dinos (Dinos), check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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