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NOTE: the :small_zwift: icon indicates an official Zwift resource.


Maps, Routes, Worlds

Events, Challenges, Missions

  • ZwiftHacks Events database - THE tool for finding events, with sort and search functions. Links on each event will redirect to their respective page where you can register.
  • - Zwift’s “official” Events page. Limited search and filter functions compared to ZwiftHacks but being internal to Zwift has direct access to your registered events if you’re already logged in.
  • :small_zwift: Evergreen Monthly Missions thread.

Clubs & Groups

  • :small_zwift: Joining a Club
  • BMTR - BMTR Club BMTR Events Page Inclusive club that has a tonne hosted rides for people of all fitness levels.
  • Drafting Dinos - started a few years ago with a small team of six women. Since then, it’s grown to a team of men and women of varying capabilities, from A to D. Look for them on Facebook/Instagram.
  • DIRT - “Dad’s Inside Riding Trainers” Facebook group - not just for dads! Non-dads, Moms, everyone welcome.
  • HERD - inclusive club with events for all different Wattage categories -
  • SZR - (Swedish Zwift Riders) Multiple weekly social rides and you don’t have to be Swedish to join - SZR Cycling Club – ZWIFT JERSEYS

Adaptive Athletes

  • Amputee, Disability, Under 1 w/kg group rides out there? - discussion on low-W/kg rides for adaptive athletes. IMPORTANT: there were replies by the NPE-CABLE team as well as the developer of the PainSled and RowedBiker apps on how to use that technology (see the “Software & Technology” section) to apply a wattage correction factor for adaptive athletes.
  • Events - using the “Search” box on ZwiftHacks Events list, try “adaptive” or “handcycle”. You’ll come up with regular events catering to adaptive athletes, often with “keep together” (aka “rubberbanding”) enabled so that everyone can ride together.
  • Para-Zwift Cycling Community - private Facebook group with information on connecting paracycles to smart trainers.
  • :small_zwift: Introducing the Zwift Handcycle [2022]

Workouts, Training & Racing

Software & Technology

  • Zwift on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Running Zwift at Its Very Best | Zwift Insider - written by the forum’s own @Dave_ZPCMR with input from the author of Zwiftalizer, a guide to building a Zwift PC to minimize cost and maximize graphic detail and performance. In some regions (UK, USA) you can build a PC on the cheap that runs Zwift beautifully. In other regions, a refurb iPad or AppleTV may offer the best value.
  • - if you want to go down the Apple iPad or AppleTV 4k route, Refurb Tracker can be used to create alerts when devices go back in stock on Apple’s online store. There’s little reason to buy on the used market as Apple’s prices often undercut used, the devices have been professionally refurbished and come with warranties.
  • - analyze your system, GPU performance, network, bluetooth, ant+ dropouts, etc.
  • Borderless Gaming - Optional, for running Zwift on PC full-screen with fewer limitations than Windows defaults. (more info here)
  • RowedBiker and PainSled iOS & Android - apps that can bridge rowing machines into Zwift (converts rowing data to appear like a bike power sensor)
  • RoadCaptain add-on for Zwift on PC that enables you to auto-navigate. (also linked in “Maps, Routes, Worlds” section)
  • qDomyos-Zwift app for Android and iOS - another bridging app that can connect with a variety of non-standard exercise equipment (elliptical machines, exercise bikes, treadmills) and send the data to Zwift
  • Zwift Activity Monitor - GitHub - Allows Zwift users to monitor their moving average power and FTP in real-time
  • Sauce for Zwift - a data/stats-overlay add-on for Zwift on PC. (requires monthly Patreon subscription; discussion thread here )
  • NPE-CABLE pod - Converts/binds ANT+ sensors to a single BLE signal - great for dealing with AppleTV limitations. It can also be used to convert a RowERG power source to cycling, allowing Concept2 rowers to “Zwift”. Sadly, the global chip shortage has resulted in the NPE-CABLE being unavailable for purchase for some time.
  • 4iiii Viiiiva HRM & sensor bridge - More than just a chest strap HR monitor, 4iiii “Viiiiva” HRM acts as an ANT+ to BLE sensor bridge, much like the NPE-CABLE. There is one minor limitation versus the NPE-CABLE: it won’t alter a signal such that, say, someone on a rowing machine could trick Zwift into thinking they’re on a bike.
  • FIT File Tools - A collection of useful tools for manipulating FIT files. (e.g.: editing the device type on a Zwift-generated .FIT file so that Garmin credits distances and elevations toward badges)

Hardware - Bicycles, Trainers, Misc.

Podcasts & Media


Originally posted as a series of monthly megathreads to capture Zwift-related resources, thanks to @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ, this page is now a Wiki! (shoutout to @Dean for the suggestion)

Thanks as well to all of the contributors over many months who posted in the discussion threads on each of the Megathreads.

Thanks for pinning, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ!

Added link to Zwift Insider’s recently launched Robo-Pacer schedule page in the “Maps, Routes, Worlds” section.

Sections are getting a bit unwieldy and the fact the Robo-Pacers don’t fit neatly into a category suggest maybe we need entirely new sections. Input welcome from all.

I don’t have input to how you have organised as I’m not really the target market (well done for doing and maintaining) and not great at words/article type stuff, but I do have suggestion for Zwift that may be useful for you (based on Dave’s comment in the last thread).

Discourse by default limits length of time to edit OP’s for reasonably good reasons. But they (Discourse and therefore Zwift) have the ability to convert a Post to a Wiki specifically for these types of posts.

@shooj may want to investigate letting a few people get access rights to do this as the benefits of this type of post (and others) to the community and to Zwift support team is huge so well worth whatever minor investment in time to tweak settings. It would of course require a bit more thought than turning it on to ensure quality etc, but it might help with maintenance.

Planned well, this could help the “unwieldly” bit you mention as well as be a solution to lots of feedback over the years where regulars can contribute to specific areas of knowledge that enhances Zwift’s own Support FAQ’s.

I haven’t looked to far into this but here’s a starter …


Added link to thread with solutions to ANT+ dongle issues on Windows systems.

2 posts were split to a new topic: Upgrade to kinetic direct drive trainer

thanks but I couldn/t figure out how to post my own thread?

Added a link to FIT File Tools.

The top level post is now a wiki, courtesy of @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ!

Shoutout to @Dean as well for suggesting the use of the Discourse forum’s wiki tool.

Anyone can edit the wiki but it would be appreciated if people would engage in a discussion in the comments prior to making any major changes. For minor changes, please also describe what was changed in the comments.

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Not that I can see, unless my account isn’t high enough trust level. It’s just the normal reply button, not edit.


Interestingly, I can’t edit it either now.

Perhaps the forum-imposed 30-day limit for edits has been applied to this as well.

Tagging a few people who might have some insight:

@shooj @Daren @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ


I just made a small Edit. check if you can edit now.

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The whole point of making it a wiki was to get around the editing time limit, as the post edit time limit setting doesn’t (shouldn’t) apply to them as far as I know.

They are limited to trust level, which defaults to Trust Level 3.

The trust levels are

0: new user
1: basic member
2: member
3: regular
4: leader

So I would expect anyone with a Trust Level of 3/regular to be able to edit them.

Looking at you @Otto_Destruct , your current Trust Level is “member”.

I believe Trust Level does decay, and you can read about the default requirements here:

So if you haven’t visited often enough or been active in the previous 100 days, I think it’s possible for you to fall from TL3 to TL2, and thus lose editing rights.

To test this, I’ve changed your TL to 3 again. If you can confirm you can edit the wiki again, that should answer that.


Unchanged for me. Not that I wanted to edit anything. :wink: Just saying.

Hmm, well you’re TL3/regular as far as I can see so I would expect you to be able to edit it even if you’ve no changes to make.

It must be something else then.

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Thanks for checking. FWIW, I still can’t edit it. It’d be odd that my trust level would decay that quickly - I’m here nearly daily.

It might, however, be interesting to create another wiki based on some of your other posts: the guide to getting support, and Windows ANT+ troubleshooting guide.

That’s strange indeed. I’m not aware of any changes that would prevent people from editing the Wiki post. It’s possible there are settings causing it but I don’t have access to all of the admin side of things so I think it’s probably a question for shooj unless Gerrie has any other ideas.

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Editing doesn’t seem to work for me either. I appear to be a “regular” as well. And @Otto_Destruct should be a regular, unless he’s been naughty or something.

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Latest edit: added :small_zwift: icons for “Zwift Official” resources, as well as ZwiftPower. This is not to diminish the usefulness of other resources but simply to draw attention those falling under Zwift’s direct purview.

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