Zwift resistance

(Brian Mackay) #1

Hi…now appreciate this may have been asked before but have been using Zwift for about a month now, just general routes not races or additional sprints or organised group cycling. Unfortunately of late the resistance has become almost unbearable to cycle … on any gradient all are passing me at speed and I am showing on occasion as low as 2km when on what seems to be flat ground it is difficult to get it above 20km… I know Im getting older but the cadence, gearing and watts remain the same as before but its the speed and distance covered alongside the effort required thats the issue. Not enjoyable as takes about 20 mins to cover 2km according to the data displayed but yet the effort required is ridiculous …I am absolutely burst after that due to effort required…what if anything can I adjust as it was spot on previously…

(Liam Hudson [C]) #2

what is your setup?

(Tomas S) #3

You havent accidentally changed your weight in the zwift settings?

(Brian Mackay) #4

its an Elite Novo smart turbo bluetoothed alongside Apple tv version 4 …worked really well but now its ■■■■…

(Brian Mackay) #5

possibly !!! how or where do I find that …thanks

(Tomas S) #6

In companion app for ex,settings and profile.

(Brian Mackay) #7

thanks for reponding and apologies for being the IT dafty here but how do I find that out…


(Tomas S) #8

No problem,im no expert myself!
If you dont have the zwift companinon app for your phone you can find the rider profile in the game:

(Brian Mackay) #9

Cheers found it and unfortunately weight recorded correctly