Zwift "Racing" Subscription?

It’s obvious that Zwift can’t be all things to all people (at least, not effectively).

How many people who use the platform would be willing to pay an additional (or premium) subscription for some kind of dedicated “racing platform”.

This could encompass a new world or new routes with limited access, a new scoring/cat system, rigidly enforced rules to combat, for example, weight doping and inaccurate or poorly calibrated hardware etc.

Would something like this be a non-starter for Zwift & subscribers alike?


personally maybe except i think it’s a non-starter as it would put off so many people and i don’t think you will get anywhere near the subscriber numbers for zwift to justify hiring 10s of extra staff to deliver such features.

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If you add a value to it, people expectations go through the roof.

They cant get on top of the offering now, not a chance the same people running it could deliver additional demands a paid for service would need to meet.

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This was asked a while back as part of the infamous ‘not our survey’ survey. The results weren’t made public, but the reaction generally to any sort of price hike was overwhelmingly negative.

I think it would be difficult to add a tiered system at this point, the “low end” subscribers would just complain that they can’t access the “new” feature that they ‘paid’ for.
People are dumb, generally.