Zwift race EVO CC Sprint Race Series

Can anyone explain why my results haven’t logged?
Name Tim Burn
Entered cat C
Some people have insane power for the category yet mine aren’t there??

1545 today race cat c

Your in the Live Tab, looks like you disconnected or had a connection issue after 9mins.

Not much you can do with that one…

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oh yea - what does it mean live but not in results?
exactly same thing at 1645 in the 16:45 [FZR Segment Killer Race]

in live, but not in the results? happened twice in one eve.

The "Live " tab in Zwiftpower will show you the real time position of all the riders in the race. I would download which is a log file analyser, it comes with full instructions and you will be able to see if you had a drop out. From the Zwiftpower “Live” tab for both races it seems you did not finish either race due to a connection issue.
I have hardwired my internet from the modem to the Pc. I also use a long Ant+ cable so it sits right under the trainer. I do not have any drop out any more.
Hope this helps…