Is there something like a profile URL here to share… for linking analog Garmin or Strava (eg. strava[.]com/athletes/4056637).

Unfortunately, I can not find anything on this.

Have many thanks.

Try adding the URLs to the About Me section of your profile here:

In your case:

Also accessible from your avatar icon in the top right corner.

It seems to work…

Hi Mike, thank you… but:

I meant the profile on Zwift (not the one from the forum here). :wink:

Close but no cigar then! :rofl: When you said ‘a profile URL here’ I presumed you meant the forums.

Not possible with your Zwift profile unfortunately. :cry:

Go to or, then choose “My profile”:
That profile page is accessible by other zwifters logged in at

Here is my profile page:


Hi Jesper… thank you :smiley: