Zwift problems with PC + Kickr/Power meter. Freezing/lagging


I’m running Zwift on my PC computer, Lenovo Legion T530 | i3-8100 3.60 GHz | 8GB RAM | Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB | Windows 10 home. My internet connection is quite strong, around 200-300 Mbits/s. As a power source I use Wahoo Kickr or Assioma Duo pedals.

The problem is that especially when in a race, or group ride with many riders, the game tends to freeze for few seconds.

For example: If I am riding in the front group and putting steady 300w of power, the game freezes for a second and then I am dropped. It doesn’t help if I push full gas during the freeze.

Interesting thing is that, if there is a corner on the track right before the freeze happens, and when the bug goes away and game continues, other players are cutting the corner short, and riding across the grass, completely off the track, and my rider goes along the track and then I am dropped again from the group.

Another interesting thing is that If I have the Companion app Map page open on my iPhone during the ride, it will freeze as well…

I have tried different setups, direct bluetooth, bluetooth bridge via iPhone, Ant+, Powermeter, Kickr but the problem seems to occur anyway, and it is really driving me crazy because it will ruin the races and group rides.

I tried to read the Zwift logs and find something, but I really don’t understand enough about the computer things.

Is my computer too weak, is it a internet problem, or what? I
Hopefully this makes sense and there is a solution.

I have similar problems with my Lenovo Legion.
Zwift tells me it´s because of the Internal Intel Graphics card, that has some hassel with zwift. Even if Im using the RTX 2070, its still in the mix and cousing problems.