Zwift Power Race Quality

When I look at races at ZP and then look at RaceQuality score, I noticed that sometimes, some races have a RQ score that is lower than the lowest ranked rider signed up in that race. Is this right? I thought that would be impossible.

Example 230927 - Midweek Low-B. RQ score 93 but lowest ranked rider in the race have 107.55

How is the RaceQuality score calculated?

Race Quality

The Formula for Race Quality is as follows:

Race Quality = (Average of the best 5 riders finishing in the top 10 places) x (0.9)

From the FAQ in “rankings” on ZP

90% of the top rider will be higher RQ than avg(top5)×90%

In this case RQ was 93 and 90% of 107.55 = 96.795

You didn’t give enough information to find the race, so I can’t help any more than posting the formula.

I’m guessing there may have been a very well-ranked rider DQ’d.

This was pre-race.
The race quality score shown at ZP before the race.
I found it odd that the Race quality score was even lower than 90% of the lowest ranked rider signed up for the race. Never seen that before.