Zwift Power - Race lasting less than 20 minutes

Hi there

Are races that last less than 20 minutes factored into the 90 day 20min (95%) power average?
I had read that in this instance your 10min power would be adjusted/estimated to reflect a 20min (95%) power average accordingly?


You can find all the information on how it is calculated here

(Short answer is yes it does )

unfortunately recent races (less than 20min) haven’t been included in my 20min average…

What do you mean by that … The 20min column will still be blank , but the 95% for that race will be used to make up one of the 4 averages if it qualifies .

Note the 4 race average calculation from my experience is not done in Real Time , it appears to be batched workload process and can take some time to update .


Zwiftpower uses a standard power curve to estimate your 20 mins power in these short races but it’s only used for Category Enforcement for the race.


Has that changed from previous methods?
ie… Grahams zwiftpower link above?

It’s always been that way but it’s not reflected in the first post in the link Graham provided. It’s referred to in some of the replies.