Zwift power - race entrance

I have noticed that on the overview page in Zwift power showing less entrance to the race compared to when clicking on the race.

For example 12:10 today showing 12 entry into A, but when on the race page there are 25 riders?

Is this a glitch or can I adjust the settings in any way?

There are two factors at play here:

  1. Entrants who are not subscribed to ZwiftPower
  2. Lag in updating the numbers on ZwiftPower

Ok, yes I have noticed a lag inside the race page but harder in the overview.

But then it’s not much to do, just accept it. :-1:

The best estimate is either Companion Event info or Zwift event info.

That said, not everyone who adds themselves to an event shows up.

And not everyone who gets into the pen actually starts pedalling.

The only reliable estimate is the rider list after you get past the start line for the event.