Zwift Power graph output

Hello ,
I like to see my personal progress in zwift power .
The profile view is already good but i wonder Is there a way to put my results in a graph so i can see the evolution in watts … Or is there a way i can output the results and then put them in excel or so???
I’m talking not about a single race but like since the beginning.


The data export function on ZwiftPower has been broken for a long time (I haven’t checked recently). The usual way to handle this type of analysis is to link your account to Strava, and for bonus points link your Strava account to

You might get something useful out of the ZwiftPower UI by using something like the TableCapture browser extension

I have messed about with cutting and pasting all the cells. A bit of a while since I last did it.

Issue is the cells do not come out as numbers as they have the w, w/kg, bpm, kg etc included. However you can use an excel function to remove those.

It was a bit of fiddling around but you do end up with what you need in excel useable format.