Zwift Power Algorithm

Does anyone know is the Zwift Power algorithm manipulates your NP… I use Sauce for Strava as it gives you way more metric data and i have noticed there is always a discrepancy with the NP figure between the two apps, 20 min power etc is the same between them both it’s just the NP is always lower in ZP in fact it’s always 97% of the Strava figure.

Zwift passes the ride info to Strava & ZP so it’s the exact same fit file hence the same data so there shouldn’t be any difference.

Strava does not use the Dr Coggan formula for weighted power, it is pretty much always lower than the Elevate For Strava plugin figure that uses Dr Coggan formula.

Thanks for the explanation, but is that a typo? do you mean ZP doesn’t use Coggan’s formula and Strava plugin does?

Sorry, I believe my earlier post is true, but I’ve misread your original post and not answered your question… Too much booze in last 48 hours! :blush: