zwift please i-votex t1962 Support ,your program problem

(piter sgan) #1

my computer system  is i-5 3470 3.2Ghz
            graphic card nvidia gtx 660 
            ram 8gb

My computer system is perfect for install and play zwift

But, I could’t find i-vortex scaner model t1962 in the game.

So, I can Nonresistance play

Only model supports only the more than 2,000 t models zwift choice.

My model t smart 1962 - roller support request.

Please look at your program

Now does not support tacx t the 1962 model


(Frank van den Berg(ODZ-C)) #2

The I-Vortex is not supported by Zwift.

I use the I-Vortex with an extra speed/cadance sensor.

Zwift will find the speed/candece sensor when you select classic trainer.

Then select Cyclo Ops Super Magneto.

This trainer has almost the same Power curve as your Tacx 1962 interface on 0% slope.

Ride on



(Patricia Bergeron) #3

I want to imitate what you are doing and use an extra speed/ cadence sensor to be able to use zwift. Please tell me which sensor to geg and where to buy it, and how to install. Thanks!!