Zwift Play stuck on 24 gear


I’ve been a zwift play user for about 2 weeks and everything was going great.
I was doing the FRR tour. Yesterday in the iTT race at the end of the climb. The right control began to vibrate non-stop and increased the gear to 24. I try to lower the gear with the left control, and automatically went back to 24.
I turned off and turned on the companion again. I unpaired and re-paired and nothing solved the problem. I ended up giving up on the race and the tour.
I left the controls charging overnight thinking it could be a battery problem, for example. This morning I turned on zwift again with the controls on full battery.
I checked if there was any firmware update on the companion. The commands paired without problem and are verified in the companion application. but as soon as I turn on zwift with the paired commands in the menu. (NO dropouts). I enter the virtual world and the problem starts to occur again.

My setup is. MacBook Pro M2. Kicker MOVE.

I have a YouTube video of the issue. Please search for Zwift play issue in shorts. My channel is David Lima

Did you turn off the controller and turn it back on (without going to the pairing screen) I randomly need to do this because my steering somehow randomly gets pulled to one side until I do that. If that doesn’t do it, I’d put in an email with support and maybe get the controller replaced.

yes. I did that.
I ask for replace, waiting response.

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