Zwift Play steering left at all times

Just installed the update 1.63. It´s good that the brake can be switched off now, but it still steers to the left, I believe triggered by using the directional buttons.

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For me, using a workout seems to trigger it - yesterday I rode for 30min in free ride, beeing able to shift and steer. But in the following workout, after 10 or 15mins my avatar steered to the left and began to alter the bias automatically. Even after the workout, the problem persisted - so I had to chose a LIT-workout for my cool down bc the automatic down-shifting (due to the dodgy L2-button) had me spinning out at 50W :sweat_smile:

to all the ppl mentioning v1.62; I appreciate your effort - but this is by no means a new problem! I’d this “behaviour” pretty much from day 1 (which should be late 2023), only this winter i.e. indoor-period I got fed up with it enough so I got my a## up to do somethin about it… only to have the exact same problem with the new unit :crazy_face: :woozy_face:

I think that is not a firmware-problem. I opened my zwift play and both are wet inside. It´s my second set and the first was wet inside, too. I dried them and then they work for 5 rides. Then it starts again. But that´s not the point of matter. I´ll try to exchange them again.


This is still an issue and the only workaround so far is to not use any of the directional buttons at all as they seem to trigger it. Has anyone come up with a better solution yet?

Another observation … when the left controller starts to steer left and I try to calibrate it after the ride, it doesn´t work. When the white light shows up it already vibrates as if I have already pressed left. Then suddenly after a couple of tries it calibrates as it should and it will then work properly ingame. Till the next time it starts to steer left. :slight_smile:

Likely either a faulty unit or damaged by sweat ingress.

Yes, possibly. I reached out to Support and they were super quick and helpful and will send me a new pair.

I have Zwift play/steering controls. On occasions my avatar has no steering and the avatar stays on the left… regardeless of which side of the road we ride (left hand or right hande roads). This places me outside the benefit of the draft to utilise/ dtrategise as an advantage in races or group rides like Zwift Games. I’ve raised this issue on my occasions and did not see the bug being fixed jn the last release (2days ago). In fact, the issue got worse. Before it used to be less/ fewer events, but now its in every second rude. In some occasions I start out in the peleton/group/draft and then at random times I am dropped out of the draft… and the avatar will stay out of the group onwards

Please attend to this issue. I’ve raised this several times over the past 6months and with every steering evaluation/ rating that displays after sone rides. Thank you

It may or may not be a bug. You should talk to support about it - they may need to replace the controllers.

Hi @Christina_Engelbrech, Thank you for using the Zwift Forums!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

Let’s try to find a solution for these steering issues with your Zwift Plays, I took a look at your account and I was able to confirm that you are running the last firmware of the controllers and also, the game is up to date, I will like you to perform a hard reset of the Zwift Plays.

To perform the hard reset I will kindly ask you to please try gently pressing and holding the big Z button for 30 seconds, this should restart the units completely.
After the controller restarts, please try turning your unit on/off.

Let me know how it goes for you!

Hello Fernanda

Thank you for the feedback and instructions.
I will go the process during today and confirm the results of the hard restart.

I was also thinking that I should reinstall Zwift to see if the issue goes away.
Hopefully it will also resolve the “not drinking action” (as I forget to drink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and the drafting position.

I will confirm the results of the remedial attempts.

Thank you for contacting me and and advising me on a possible resolution.
I appreciate your time and effort spent


Christina Engelbrecht

A wonderful day to you ⚘️

Hi Fernanda

I have done a hard reset if the controllers. The left controller did not come back online (bricked). The right controller is ok.

I’ve charged the controllers for a couple if hours (was at 50% before reset) after reset to ensure that it’s not a low battery issue, but with no avail.

I consulted many forums and chat groups to gather some info if it is a common issue after reset and it seems to be. Also the issue I had before reset is a common issue. The only resolution I could find was replacement controllers.

Please could you confirm the process to replace. Please also confirm ETA.

Thank you


Christina Engelbrecht

A wonderful day to you ⚘️

Hi @Christina_Engelbrech, thank you for your answer!
Fernanda keep assisting you.

You did an amazing job following the steps, but as you said, in this case, considering the troubleshooting you already completed I will kindly ask you to get some one-on-one assistance with us via email for the next steps, Please use the Contact Us link on, and we will move forward with your case.

My team will be pleased to assist you!