Zwift Play Controller connection issues

Have you actually tried using them in-game? Mine also stay in “Connecting…” in the pair screen but they are working (sort of). They also did that before 1.2.1, when I had no further connection issues.

@Rowdy It’s been 17 days since the first reports came in that 1.2.1 is very broken. Why can’t you guys take 1.2.0 and repack it as 1.2.2? Far less users had problems with 1.2.0. If I didn’t have the 3 months of very good experience with the controllers and just bought them, I would’ve returned them by now.


I had said a few days ago that when Zwift Play controllers are connected via my MacBook (MacOS) Bluetooth they would periodically disconnect and then reconnect in moments.

No longer.

Now the right controller would simply disconnect and stay disconnected. I could turn both controllers off and back on. They would reconnect for a time, but then the right one would go out again shortly.

I tried to use an iPad (iOS) with the Companion app as a bridge. It appears to be the most stable connection but it is not perfect. And it seems when the connection gets disrupted on the iOS device, it does not come back, not unless you go back into pairing mode again which isn’t always an option in long group rides. (Disclaimer: with the exception of trying to get Zwift Play to work, I have never used the Companion app as a bridge so I do not have experience troubleshooting connection issues related to it.)


  • MacBook Air / MacOS
  • Companion on iPad / iOS
  • Trainer and HRM on ANT+ via an ANT dongle
  • Zwift Play; have attempted both via MacBook’s native Bluetooth and via the Companion app
  • Everything is within 3 feet of each other.

The same setup worked for the two months without any noticeable issues. The connection issue started right after I updated to firmware 1.2.1.

Nope, not working in game either unfortunately.

IMO, I would be a very upset customer if 1.2.1 fixed my problem(s) with prior versions only to have Zwift revert back to a prior version and break mine again only to fix someone elses problems with 1.2.1.


New patch same problem.

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This may or not help someone.
I’ve had them since launch and as I’ve said before always been pretty unstable.

I have a new process of connecting that seems to be fairly reliable (minimal disconnects).

I’m on a kickr bike connecting by BT to windows 10 PC. I let zwift connect to the bike for power, control and cadence and also connect to my Tickr before even touching the plays. Zwift thinks it’s all done and start the okay button countdown. I stop this and turn on left play, let it connect (buzz) then turn on right play (buzz) and the pairing tile goes blue. Then I click okay and head into game.

I’ve found that if the plays are on when the bike, HR are trying to connect they buzz and connect but the tile stays orange and the plays are then pretty unstable.

Hope helps someone and be good to hear if it does or I’m just clutching at straws.

I do this since the day i got them and had almost zero disconnects. I sometimes Pair everything without Plays and then reopen Pairing and pair Zwift Plays.

I always Pair 1 controller (waiting for buzz) before turning ON the other.

New discovery for me to let everything pair before even thinking about turning on plays, then do them one at a time.

Not sure it should be that hard to pair them though?

The last time i tried to pair them together it connected only 1 and the pairing never turned Blue.
So i turned them OFF and connected 1 at the time.

Zwift Play. Found the issue and the solution for disconnects.

Zwift play transmitter only works well if your receiving unit (laptop, phone) is directly in front. When you put it to the side, or behind you, the signal is very weak.

You can see in the video my Zwift Play connection strength becomes solid as I move my laptop from right of ZP to directly in front.

Good luck.

You vid


I cannot see the video, but it is an interesting discovery.

A number of us have only started having issues since firmware 1.2.1 though. I, for one, did not have any issues with my MacBook being on the side of my Zwift Play controllers before the firmware update.

Can firmware updates alter the Bluetooth signal profile of devices?

I have the exact same setup. MacBook to my side and no problems prior to 1.2.1

I’m gonna try both “late & separate connect” and MacBook at the front over the next few days.

No one who had problems with earlier firmwares reported back that their issues have been fixed but a lot of people reporting no problems with earlier versions…

Try taking the zwift play out and turning it on, on the pairing screen you can see a signal bar before you click connect device. See is it bouncing around from strong signal or weak.

Move the Zwift play around, and see can you locate a solid green signal for 10s. If you can try riding from that position and see does it disconnect.

What is the warranty procedure?
Today again ghost-brake 12 minutes in the ride.

I don’t trust them anymore and I want to send them back.

Contact Zwift support and persist with the chat bot longer than the chat bot can tolerate.

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I have two sets of Play Controllers that I use in two locations. Set 1 is used with a Windows 10 PC. They do not stay connected nor function properly when connected. I have the same issues as others with intermittent dropouts and when connected sometimes part of the controller is non-responsive (e.g. braking paddle.). I have a second set that I use on a MAcBook they worked perfectly for 2-weeks and now have all the same issues. I have a ticket open with customer support for the Windows Set. I have not tried using the companion app for connection yet, but will reset everything and try that on my PC tomorrow.


I’m on Windows 11, Zwift 1.51, and Play Controllers 1.2.1. My Play Controllers are also constantly disconnecting, then reconnecting throughout the ride. It was a little better when I tried pairing the Play Controllers after everything else paired and then only one at a time, but they still disconnected probably 20 or 30 times during a 2 hour ride.

I’ve only had my Play Controllers for a short time. I was still familiarizing myself with the controllers on my first ride with them which was when Zwift 1.50 was on my computer. I didn’t notice them disconnecting constantly, but I may just not have noticed since it was my first ride and I was figuring things out. It makes me wonder, however, if the update to 1.51 had something to do with the dropouts. Specifically, the update in 1.51 to allow “…pairing with Zwift Play simultaneously with other steering devices…”

Can anyone who used the controllers longer than me tie their disconnect/reconnect issue back to when 1.51 was installed? I have not yet tried plugging them in as a means to keep them from disconnecting/reconnecting constantly, so I’ll give that a try. However, having to do special pairing or have them plugged in for them to work correctly is definitely not acceptable longterm. Thank you!

Outside of the constant disconnects, I really like having them. I like the virtual shifting although I would like a few more gears on harder side of the spectrum. I find I can’t Sprint as well as I can when using my crank and cassette. Would like to see 2 or three more gears (i.e. 25,26,27).

I can tie it to the 1.2.1 firmware for the controllers, which was released a few days prior to Zwift 1.5.

Late pairing (although I might’ve been too eager with the second controller) has made the experience much better. Disconnects are still happening but they’re down to every 5 minutes instead of every minute.

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I did your procedure yesterday for the first time. Previously, the controllers were disconnecting every minute. Now, no disconnects over a 90 minute ride. Game changer! Thanks.


I did also, but I still get several disconnects during a one hour ride.