Zwift Play - Brakes engage mid session

Personally, I don’t think it has anything to do with the latest software update. I’m having the same problem since a very long time (and several software versions).
Once again, I ask the software developers the possibility to manually disable braking from the options.
Please, listen to your users.


3rd set of Play controllers now rapidly deteriorating with the constant braking; starts with constant haptic vibrations and very sensitive brake paddle on left controller; and randomly brakes uncommanded.

I have been diligently removing and drying this set of controllers after every ride as requested when I got the last replacement set. This does seem to have helped as this set has lasted a a bit longer (circa 3 months) but still they have failed in the same manner.

To make things worse now I cannot use the recent virtual shifting option for my Kickr as I can’t risk pairing the plays………

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Same here…100% braking randomly applied during group rides…so annoying…this issue is not solved at all.


Hi @Luigi_Piva. Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift Support. I appreciate you taking the time to share your braking issue. Let’s move on.

If your avatar is permanently braking - this indicates a continuous signal is being received from the controller and may be an indication of sweat ingress. I’d like to suggest you to try calibrating your Zwift Play to see if that helps with the issue. For steps on calibrating the Zwift Play, check out this article.

If you’re still experiencing issues after, please let us know. It’d be great if you contact us directly to the support channel to provide you with one-on-one assistance. We will be delighted to help.

Dear Juan,

Having the same issues. Offcourse something is wrong with the controller. But this shouldn’t be possible for a product which was developed for indoor use (high sweat area) in the first place. (And it is not a one of problem)

Also this happens so often, I’m afraid to use Zwift-play. So I don’t use them anymore. They have destroyed to much rides/races.

So let me to choose to turn of braking, so when (not if, but when) they fail. I can easily turn them off, but not after the point they grinded me to a halt in the middle of a race. (Or lost my nice group in a group-ride)

Juan, thanks for your kind reply.
I calibrated the controllers but after a couple of rides the issues came back.
I am afraid I will have to stop using them until the issue is solved.

btw…why dont’t you enable the possibility to disable the braking function?


i got my plays replaced having the same problem with re-calibration no longer possible at all.
used the new ones for only a few rides and never for breaking. and it did happen again twice already. after about 5 rides… i can’t imagine its a sweat problem, or the product would be a complete mis-construction. i rather like to believe its about the type of connection, signal qualities, etc that crashes controller firmware.

btw its always the right controller failing like this. the one frequently used for ride-ons…

hope it does get fixed soon!!!