Zwift play autobraking?

This morning I started with Miguel on the descent at Casse Pattes, couldn’t keep up with them in no time I was 30 seconds behind and believe me I tried to catch them on the eleven and full throttle. Did my own thing till after Aquaduc there on a flat stretch I did 27 kmh at 80 RPM, then turned off Zwift play kept riding at 80 RPM and speed went up to 31 kmh.
Anyone experiencing the same?

i don’t think Zwift Play has anything to do with autobraking…did you had a Red back light ON all the time?

Would be nice to know your setup cause RPM is not what you have to look for speed it’s Watts.

Bike Setup and Wheels?

Hi yeah my tail brake lights were constantly on.

Didn’t change bike setup and wheels for the last two years